> I am pregnant and I have a diagnosis suspected “mola”, what does that mean?


Dearest the placenta forms perché a part of that lingo, that’s the product of conception, adheres to the wall of the uterus after 7 days from the moment of conception and begins to “scratch” the wall.

This pressure (called the trophoblast, the part that scratch, and infiltrates), and is the one that allows this part to form the placenta proper, or that the disk that is attached to the uterus, having precisely infiltrated.

If this thrust, however, becomes too exuberant in the trophoblast infiltrates excessively and becomes, so to say, the protagonist of the pregnancy. 

This is called the “mola” and of course this is not a good thing, becauseé the protagonist should be the child.

If the exuberance is not exaggerated, we speak of mola partial, otherwise mola total, and the result is always the abortion.

The further problem is that when the pregnancy stops a placenta normal peels off easily, or alone or with curettage.

A grinding wheel, instead of being a little intrusive, it does not come off at all, but can; stay with fragments intrusive, which continue to work alone, and that is not so easy to delete.

We realize that this is becauseé, these fragments produce betahcg, just like the placenta from which they come. If the betahcg remain regularly negative means that it does not c’è nothing in the uterus.

I was able to explain to me ?

let me know, hello


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17 may 2013