> As I notice this that I’m about to give birth?

According to her, can I bring to the hospital when partorirò infasil intimo or better some other detergent?

thank you.

now the anxiety that I’m attacking is: as I notice this that I’m about to give birth? From the loss of the mucous plug? what to do? Wear a towel and run to the hospital?

thanks again


Dearest do not worry, if you go, perhaps in advance in the hospital, they will have the good sense to send you away, and you will probably say, “Oh, here, it seemed to me.. was not as it seemed, it was così”.

For the viakal not c’è a problem, if you sleep, if you instead burn sleep better a jump in first-aid.

Brought you what you want to wash, and awaits with confidence the birth of your child.

women are made to give birth, and children to be born.

Greetings of the heart


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