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my partner and I are trying to have a baby and from the analysis made, I discovered that he had not had rubella. The question then is this: should I do it or not the vaccine against rubella? My doctor said no other doctor told me you. I do not know decide also because; I do not have data on which to decide….

For example, the questions I’m asking: what are the probability, that I might get sick during pregnancy (bearing in mind that both of my sisters have had rubella when we were still together and I rather not)? There are techniques of prevention of the disease (type I stay at home and not attend none for the first three months of pregnancy)? If my partner attends someone who has the rubella (or if their children have) può contagiarmi?

The reason why you do not vaccinate adult women is that outlet for large numbers, if we vacciniamo all women who desire to have a child, some of their av

If we leave everything così com’è instead, there are very few women who get the virus the wild in the first three months and besides that, those few abortions performed on women who are sick have 95 chance; in a hundred have been performed on embryos actually sick. A decision of public health forò not really say it then that what must be done by the individual, and then, gone is definitely the period in which the doctor was the “good father of family” and the patient is the one who was suffering under the rule and was silent, now the patient is an adult and you decide together…… you can do what you want.

If you don’t want to wait and not frequent, usually children, you can safely forgo the vaccination. The eventualità you can contract the virus the wild is very rare. Of course, if thereò then it happens, the risk of malformation is very high and generally considers abortion one of the possible solutions.

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If you decide not to take this risk then it is better that you take the pill, or suspends completely the reports for 90 days, starting from the first day of a menstruation, because, of all the, the situation the più bankruptcy is to make a vaccine, using a model that does not cover 100%, get pregnant and do an abortion on an embryo, with each probability; healthy, for fear.. (on the data of the days if you want to you can go to the Hospital Spallanzani, clinic pregnancy and infectious diseases, prof. Anzidei, also for phone)

Losses in early pregnancy I Wanted to know if at the beginning of the pregnancy, the whitish discharge is abundant or not.

Sì, can be, it’s called leukorrhea gravidarum. If it has no bad smell and not dà itching nè burning, not c’è nothing to worry about. When you do the first check-up, who sees you deciderà whether to do a swab or less. It is an examination to which not c’è agreement on utilities; to do so, if there are no disturbances.

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