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AMONG the techniques of assisted reproduction, that is; all those ways in which medicine intervenes in human reproduction. From homologous insemination, that is, the use of the semen of the partner of the up to all of usò that we read about in the newspapers, including IVF (in vitro fertilization and transfer of embryos obtained in the uterus of the woman), and practices such as the womb for rent, or the gift of embryos or ova.

In Italy there is a law to regulate these practices except an old circular of the then minister of the sanità Donat Cattin that prohibited public centres, the use of foreign material to the pair (leaving the private centers without rules of any kind) and a signal of the Order of physicians, which advises against some practices such as for example the uterus for rent and other.

this is the Reason why a situation in which the seed banks were active a little everywhere, a few years ago, currently the insemination heterologous (donor sperm) not è più so easy to do. The current government is trying to make a law, and one of the problems that you è placed is the presence in the services also the public of frozen embryos that are not made to be used by the couple that has “products” and such as do not know what you are doing.

Recognize that in these embryos the status of a legal person means equate them to children which is responsible for the state and not the couple, né much less the woman that handles her state of pregnancy, with the embryo, up to 90 days from the last menstruation, in the law 194/78 on abortion. The appeal is made; the table of women on bioethics that are women that affect this topic. I have no idea what the official role of the table, she informed me, and I am writing to you again.

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