> Chicken pox at 32 weeks pregnant

Hello, I am 32 weeks pregnant today, yesterday I did visit ultrasound from my gynecologist, and my daughter is doing really well but this morning I discovered the chicken pox.

I was infected by one of the three of my children who started the 02/05/2012. What should I do? How should I do? In the hospital the Saturday and Sunday there are the specialists in infettivologia. Can you help me?

Thank you.


Dear, no matter. The 32 week is a good week to take the chicken pox. It’s not okay to take it in the first quarter and it’s not good to take it near to the birth, because the children can; be born with the chicken pox, and only the faces of evil. Instead, now he is inside of you, and we will stayà up to complete healing.

You’ll protect with your antibodies and there will happenà nothing nothing at all the two. That said you will not bully, the rest, thrown on the bed when you’re tired, and that’s it.

This is the time to let the laundry take the clothes and return them washed and ironed, and is also the time that the dishes ready to take the place of usò that you cook normally for your family.

your rest is essential because; you to be able to pass the disease along to your child. If you get tired risk of giving birth prematurely (and we have said that is an idea bad) or are you going to meet complications.

Everything is ok, then, but take care of yourself, and you will not get tired for no reason. (I had già said?)

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what about the specialists in infettivologia contact them Mondayì, now, you’ll decide with them if you take antiviral drugs or immunoglobulin. But have no fear, you’ll succeed very well.

A hug

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