> Control of the health of the fetus, listening to the heartbeat of a foetus

We are a couple who is having a baby (we should be at the end of the 38th week, even if you can notò say for sure not knowing the date of the last menstruation).

The last monitor showed a heartbeat and at times very low, an ultrasound scan has detected forò that the heart and the flows are regular. Waiting for a new monitor I, papà (very apprehensive), I thought I’d buy a stethoscope and listen to the heartbeat, also becauseé the child is made to feel almost for nothing in this end of the week.

The point is that I can not hear anything with the stethoscope and this has put me into great apprehension. Will you please give us the più soon advice and tips on what I have described above.

The heart-beats of the child are very difficult to hear with the stethoscope obstetrician, the instrument has become non-existent, and almost impossible with a stethoscope normal. We recommend that, for the self-control of the child the following rule: must make at least 10 movements during the day, if the mother puts the stops to bed must give at least 3 kicks in an hour (the movements while the mother moves may not be perceived to be).

If one of these two conditions is not met then it is legitimate to go to the emergency room saying that the child moves very little, otherwise all is well and via così the next problem. The parents try to give the best to their children, and this makes sì that they are always in anxiety in the fear of neglecting something fundamental.

it is difficult to find the right balance between being attentive parents and are adequate and being too anxious.

A miscarriage and now another pregnancy

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I am 41 years old and I am pregnant from 2 months and 15 days. I had nausea and very bad breast until a few days ago, and now that you finally are gone, my belief is that there is something abnormal. Occasionally happens to me occasionally to have a few step a little più dark, but è also true that I have a small fibroid which, evidently, it bothers me. The disappearance of the total of the symptoms can; indicate any abnormality? The latest ultrasound went well. Precisely the same night I had one of the 2 losses a little more dark than normal. I had a miscarriage in September last year to 55° day. At the time of the expulsion I could check and see that the embryo was not developed. Just strappazzarmi a little more, go for a walk più long normal and happens to me to have some loss in più.

once you è was perceived as the heartbeat of the fetal miscarriages are very rare. The majority of miscarriages are due to lack of development of the embryo, as you have had occasion to have to endure… In fact the complete disappearance of the symptoms gravidici first of the second halfà of the third month (11-12 weeks) not è a sign that is great, but I’d like to know the età calculated through the use of ultrasound on the 7th of may… maybe this is all in place. If you have had a miscarriage and you’re not a girl, is normal that you’re anxious. Do not try to calm you down, but you’re peacefully in anxiety.

I don’t feel the kicks of my baby

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I Am a woman first son, at 19 weeks I still don’t understand when the child is felt, I feel something like maybe small contractions of the uterus but I am not sure if it is the child, I made the amiocentesi the baby moving , and yet I have not perceived me, I have to preocupare?

Dearest one, it is still early to feel movements of the fetus. In the next few months certainly will feel kicking your child.


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