> Cytomegalovirus: questions about symptoms, treatments, duration of the disease

The constant fatigue is a characteristic of cytomegalovirus? Furthermore, through sexual intercourse you can; to pass on the virus? It is true that there is no cure and that the disease disappears in time? There are situations in which the symptoms of the virus can remain for several years?

infection with cytomegalovirus, looks like roughly the same as an influence, and then sì, can cause fatigue, but should not last long, it is not necessary to have sex to transmit it, just talk to less than a meter away, because; it is transmitted by saliva, not c’è care and disappears, the traces still remain in the sense of the antibodies, but the subjects with an immune system in the rule (for instance those who do chemotherapy or not has serious illnesses and debilitating) they remove it in a few weeks.

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