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the Experiences recounted by the women: the Hospital of Cittadella – Padova – NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE OF CHILDBIRTH: The epidural denied

Un (aside) è nato (an aside).

I’m happy about the event, but above all, the fact that (omitted) is well, and enjoys the best of health since the first moment of his life.

This is the thing that più important.

those Who do not è been good to me. The mother.

Già and è why I decided to put in black and white, thereò I tried and what I would like to try other pregnant women in my same conditions. I am referring to the 9 months, and a birth that is; gone as I hoped to go.

During pregnancy, I always felt a great terror of labor and childbirth, so much so that my husband we decided to opt for the epidural.

Già from visits with the gynecologist and the meetings during the childbirth course, I always wondered how “it worked” thing, i.e. you could do to get the much desired puncture that is able to spend a moment così beautiful, but also così painful, in a human way. Then the responses from the più parts have always been extremely positive in this regard and, at times, I convincevo that there was the possibilityà to suffer less.

Unfortunately, in the times here I did not think at the event in a positive way, I abbandonavo to crises of various kinds, waking even late at night with only the thought of giving birth with so much pain, and I locked myself in the bathroom to scream and cry, in the deep and hidden fear of having to suffer for something that was supposed to be so beautiful.

How is this possible? The pain sarà così immense?

Put to the world a child is a wonderful experience, but at the thought of the pain, I they were all certainties!

These were, together with many other, questions which I do not give me the answer!

And day after day, the doubts grew.

The pregnancy physically it has not given me major problems.

A bit of swelling in the legs and pain in the arms and hands (caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and in these situations, you canò present).

Pains of various kinds that to look good you can endure.

The physical pain, sì…

But the pain that I felt inwardly stopped me from serenely accepting the pregnancy and threatens the qualityà of my relationship with my husband and my family who continued to be close to me.

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And then, as ever, continued to suffer?

time passes and thanks to the course for pregnant women I’m going to see the delivery room with all of the future moms.They talk with the anesthesiologists.

-“don’t worry” (we say), “who wants to può take the epidural”-.

Miracle: are save and partorirò really without much suffering. In fact, I had alreadyà calculated to “suffer” but not too much.

I Run the examinations required for the puncture to be miraculous on the back and I sign the consent!

tell Us that in the hospital where I decided to be born (omitted), the anesthesia, the running 24 hours on 24, on weekdays, public holidays and free of charge!

For a fraction of the time I calm down and I feel già più calm. Who knows……

Continue all monitoring and visits to the gynecologist, that at the end of the ninth month, I are more and more strenuous to deal with. A couple of weeks before the end of pregnancy, are hospitalized in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the Citadel controls. They are too swollen and my gynecologist for safety makes me hospitalize. Suspect a (omitted).

Phew. Finirà also this ordeal?

During one of the monitors they put me in the labor room.

there is movement, and rightly so.

Women who finally shed weight and become mothers, clutching in their arms the creature so much loved.

Unfortunately, the screams and the moans are wasted and I end the monitoring visibly in shock, scared and afraid from the pain transmitted by the other women, who live almost in the first person. The fear is so out of the room in tears.

Now all over the world (so they say) knows that I have a fear of childbirth.

I WANT the epidural!

I am discharged and at home continuous standby.

Ford the although.

here Comes the fateful moment.

The (omitted), in the morning, after the view from the gynecologist I go home in the car alone.

since the arrival begin the pain.

So bad.

Chissà. Perhaps è now is the time.

I Call my husband who is in the province of (omitted).

I Call my mother that reaches me and takes me to the stroke in the hospital. Let me enter in the labor room alone, without né my mother, né my sister who accompanied me (&is bad stay lì into the sun!).

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To the 14 get my husband and make him wait outside for about twenty minutes!

Chissà perché?

between 13 and 50 that I have entered I have yet to be visited.

At a certain point, my husband goes out and the và to recommend with the nurses and the obstetrician, to have the right to get the epidural.

The answers that he gets are not encouraging, and I can’t refers.

After about an hour since my arrival, the midwife looks at me. Seems già an idea. It says I’m dilated to 5 centimeters, and meanwhile, I suffer a lot.

I Suffer along with my husband who manages to get me to breathe properly.

Unaware, I continue to ask the anesthesiologist, but the obstetrician stalls.

I the meantime i grit my teeth.

we Enter the delivery room, and with a lot of, a lot of calm, the obstetrician I insert a needle and cannula in his arm and the time passes!

Then they put me on a saline drip and I ask what is…

– “Oxytocin”- (and unfortunately I know what this is!).

Meanwhile, the minutes pass and I suffer a lot, always più.

During labor, the doctor fill my medical records and asked that the medicines I take and other information!

fatigue, I answer.

time passes…

I Ask in vain for the epidural, and I say that they are già dilated and that is not needed.I think that if you were equipped before the anesthesiologist could give me the bite.

And why is the hell did they put that damned oxytocin? Could not do before the injection in the back and then put on the oxytocin? Mah!

I still Ask the anesthesiologist, but of him even the shadow (I find out later that it was free, and in the vicinity of the delivery room for a caesarean section!).

The pain overwhelms me. I hold back the anger for not being able to get thereò that I so desired.

-“Perché?”-, richiedo.

-“you are già dilated and ready for childbirth” – is the answer!

do Not accept it.

i grit my teeth, and the last thrusts bring to light my creature that now so I love.The pain goes away on the second floor and Fabio screams to the whole world that is born; the clasp is strong in my arms.

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the excitement is great, and with my husband heave a sigh of relief.But becauseé I had to suffer così much?

The days went on, but the following questions remain.


  • In 2006, now 2007, women should still give birth and suffer as for thousands of years and without the help of medicine?
  • the

  • Becauseè I have put it in the room labor alone by waiting outside my husband of the minutes to me, precious?
  • the

  • As è possible that if a query asks for the epidural, and did not put it do, must swallow the toad, and friends as before?
  • the

  • But it is possible to manage it in a systematic way such situations by doing the epidural in time?
  • what is the purpose of the explanations and assurances provided to the childbirth course on the use of anesthesia, that it seems almost obvious that you do, but then do not perform it?
  • the

  • they told Me that I had a crush fast to be the first son, but because; they put the oxytocin in speeding things up further and then not calling the much longed-for anaesthetist?(since there was so much movement in the delivery rooms and it was not a holiday!).

I Would like to have had some explanation in più.

I have wound up with phrases like, “Feel lucky, many would have wanted to have a labor as fast as yours, don’t complain”.

Here, instead I calmly, I complain!

Ho conclusive.

my story does not want to trigger controversy, but just want to warn women that like me have so much fear of pain and who rely on aid, which in the end is today denied.

I have to go Now…… (omitted), like all children, he is hungry and requires my presence.


a Letter signed

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