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Are to the 1516 week of pregnancy. At the nursery of my son, there are 3 cases of chicken pox and 5 cases of measles. My mother does not remember which of the two infectious diseases I had.

If my three-year old son were to contract one of the two diseases (&is vaccinated measles) what risk do I run? It is the case that you do not send him more at school? The last case of chickenpox, you è had 30/05/03.

Considered to be the period of greatest risk of infection is during the incubation, probably not send him to the più in school is irrelevant. The può keep at home, however, as a precaution, as, perhaps, not è yet infected but may do so at the end of the epidemic, after the other. Don’t worry, if you want a council più technical può contact the service diseases, infectious in pregnancy at the Hospital Spallanzani. The number is on our website.

I Am pregnant and my first son has the chicken pox

My wife is at the 18-week pregnancy and the grand son of 8 years old in the morning showed the symptoms of chickenpox. From the information I have is that it does not contract the disease in età youth. I wanted to know if there are any special problems and/or do I need to do some preventive treatment to avoid problems for the wife and the fetus.

In the case of his wife, we believe it is necessary to remember that the period of maximum risk for contagion is that immediately before the eruption of the vesicles, and then remove the guy now is a gesture superfluous.

it Is said that in pregnancy, chickenpox can exist più important, and then could see the doctor who follows her or his family doctor about the possibilityà, in case his wife is really susceptible to contracting the disease, to administer antibodies to try to block infection or reduce the course (there are specific immunoglobulin for varicella (chicken pox). On the whole, forò I would try not to worry.

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diseases esantematiche course is generally pretty quiet. Trust what the doctors say who know you better, and if you decide to immunoglobulins (human derived) and not found please let us know.

I Am pregnant and have chickenpox

Look a children, and I have the chicken pox I would be grateful if you could tell me the possible risks, the possible tests to be done, and anything else that you feel useful. Some data: I have 31 years old, last menses started on 28/12/2002, the first vesicles of chicken pox have appeared this morning.

We recommend you to see at a centre which specialises in infectious diseases in pregnancy even if the statistical risk of problems related to chicken pox è l’1%. There are specific tests to do, chickenpox usually diagnosed with security, and seeing the vesicles. It is important that you make a consultation about any problems with a health expert in this matter. If you tell us where you live we can help you find it.

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