> Fertilityà, how do I know if they are sterile?

Hello dr it I am a girl of 20 years. In a few months I’m going to live with my boyfriend and like all women in the world I would like to realize the dream to become a mother. 

I have heard many cases of infertilità or, still worse, of sterilità the female and to begin my search for a child I would like to be sure of my health status.

What tests do I have to do to check my fertilityà? Those that I have done up to now have an ultrasound of the pelvic and the pap test.

All the other tests, you pay?

Also, I’ve heard that an excessive use of pill of the day può cause sterilità.. is true?

thank you in advance.


Dearest one, there is no test that can say if tomorrow you will be fertile, and there is no test to tell you the truth, I can say with certainty that even if you are fertile now.

In case of difficultyà to conceive, if children are not you do the analysis, otherwise no.

And the one on the day-after pill is a great stupidity.

Enjoy your life without these thoughts that do not serve to anything…

please take thefolic acid in the months prior to conception (not after you’re pregnant, because it is much less of it) that helps to prevent malformations of the central nervous system.

listen dear, not all women in the world want to fulfill your dream of becoming a mom… some of you dream of even. Every woman has her dreams, and each one is different from the other.

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A warm hug, and many wishes for your new life together.

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