> Fetal malformations: EEC Syndrome with cleft lip and palate

about all of usò I ask you kindly to be able to know the period in which you can see evaluating these malformations and if the ginegologo or the sonographer was required to provide us with the malformations because my wife has performed ultrasound examinations of the 12-18-22-27-33-38 week of pregnancy and before giving birth with caesarian section.

malformations of both hands and feet have agenesis of the 2 and 3 finger of the right hand, syndactyly 4 and 5 finger movement of 1 finger, the left hand has agenesis of the 2 and 3 finger, the inflection of the 1 finger. Both feet agenesis 2 and 3 finger. I ask you kindly to be able to elucidate on all of usò.

Friendly, we have collected some information that tells us that in fact, even if the failure diagnosis on the fingers of the hand, può be normal, the cleft lip and palate should be diagnosed. We also received this email fromMario Negri Institute that will turn hoping to make something useful. An affectionate embrace to you and to the child.

Email: On the request of the parents of the child with EEC syndrome, for access to the Services of our Centre is required to send a brief letter in which is also specified with a postal address where you can forward the information available in our Archives, together with a copy of the medical documentation is essential on to the health problems of their child.

We are of course also available to parents to provide the necessary clarifications (call 035/4535304) and, after assessment of the medical documentation, to try to respond at least in part, to their questions. If the family riterrà should there willà to contact at the following contact details: Information Centre for Rare Diseases c/o Villa Camozzi, Via Camozzi, 3 -24020 – Ranica (BG) Tel. 035/4535304 (mon./fri. Hours 9.00-13.00/14.00-18.00 Fax 035/4535373 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it.

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