> Give birth, I do not want my husband in the delivery room

In recent years, more and more women are choosing to have the fellow next to me in that moment. Personally, I am very doubtful: I would prefer to be alone during the birth.  I just wish the medical staff.

My husband is agree but I feel to say from più parts which is unfair to deprive my loved ones of a unique time, that are egosita, not c’è nothing that combines the pair più the birth.

Honestly, I do not see the suffering without being able to do anything can do good to my husband, né assist me while I anestetizzano or I practice an episiotomy (which I hope to avoid anyway) can be useful to our couple…

What is your opinion about it? What advice can you give me? Thank you in advance for the answer!


Dearest one, the best thing is; the one that is best for you, and no one has the right to interfere with your feelings.

there is certainly assist childbirth that makes the pair, or other relationships. You have the desire of intimacyà, I think (tell me if I’m wrong) and you want to feel free to stay broken, maybe vomit, or poop (it happens, it happens) with your health care professional for which of these things are the work of all the days.

you are Not who your relatives are lì to look at you and you feel more free alone. And then? no one should tell you what you need to do… then the other, in their turn, do what they want how to get your husband, or a girlfriend or mother, neighbors,  and that’s okay così.

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Non c’è need to find a theory that says what is right and what is wrong and then make all the “right” thing to force.

In families (fortunately) we do things differently, to respect the customs and the feelings of others, and respect his own as well.

This is our opinion… what do you think ?

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14 luglio 2012