> Hair dye in pregnancy.

My wife é at the third month of pregnancy, and insists in wanting to color their hair despite the negative opinion of your physician. Può use the dyes that you find at the supermarket or not?

The problem is much dye that can; do today, but the fact that it should be repeated every month, so the exposure to the substance is not; an occasional but regular for 5 or 6 times. That said it would be best to consult with a retailer for natural dyes, because the dyes permanent (but sometimes even natural ones) contain substances that attack the structure of the hair and consequently enter in the body.

The dyes that are away with the shampoo in the next few days are obviously less penetrating. It is true, the dyes are banned in pregnancy, but also the smoke, breathing polluted air and eating food contaminated with pesticides……. if his wife can notò be seen with the white hair, to take advice from an herbalist with experience and need to thin out the treatments…. with each probability; not happenà nothing serious.

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