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I make extensive use of the essential oil of melaleuca so I wanted to ask you, being now in was interesting, if I can without any concern continue to use the essential oil.

I è very useful for my chronic dermatitis of allergic origin to the hands: as soon as I use two-three drops on the palm of the hand all the itching disappears and the skin gets a immense benefit. Since I have read that it is good to be careful with the use of essential oils in pregnancy, ask for advice to you

Melaleuca Alterifoglia (Cajeput) is a plant of the family of Myrtacee, its natural habitat is on the islands, Celebes, the Philippines, Malucche and Northern Australia. The active principles are: Cinelolo (Cajeputolo, Eucalyptol), alcohol Sesquiterpenico, Cineolene, Pinene.

The essential oil extracted from the leaves, is a colorless liquid with a smell similar to camphor, rosemary, mint. The propertyà therapeutic are: analgesic, odontalgiche, antispasmodic.

Melaleuca, in therapeutic doses for external use, it is toxic and has no contraindications during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but should in no way be swallowed becauseé may cause: nausea, vomiting, respiratory depression severe.

dott. Cesare Aug. Of Silvestri

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