> Hyperprolactinemia and secondary amenorrhea, canò have a pregnancy?

I’m taking the pill “lestronette” and I have a sort of cycle artificial but the doctors do not follow me with regard to my reproductive system and the ability to become pregnant.

I Am desperately looking for someone specialized in this matter, and that it can somehow find answers to my problem.

I Would like to know the possibilitiesà, albeit minimal, that I might be pregnant and I don’t want to wait too long.

I don’t feel I give up, così after the first opinion, there must also be some thing that can make work again my body….

please trust in your sensitivityà to be able to get some tips, some name of clinic, doctor, whatever…

thank You so much. Sincerely,


Dear,hyperprolactinemia is the cause of sterilità più easy to care for.. you don’t have to distress.

When you want children sospenderai the pill, measure prolactin, (by the way, are you measuring now that you take the pill?) and if sarà high thou shalt take one portion of the antiprolattinemici available to help your ovulation to re-establish itself.

you don’t need no superspecialista and no one in the clinic.

If the doctors gave you the pill, however, it means that your prolactin is not too high and that you do not have problems related to a possible microadenoma and pituitary.

However, the più of the times, the microadenoma is held at bay with the antiprolattinemici without problem.

Cos’è that causes this state of anxiety ? Something you have said or not said to the doctors or something that you read in the internet?

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help us to help you..


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