> I did the Beta Hcg, how goes the pregnancy?


Dearest one, the beta Hcg only tells you that you’re pregnant, says not sure how it goes. If cala wants to say that is bad, if it increases, it means that maybe it’s okay.

But if you don’t have disorder, you do not lose blood, you do not have pain, because you never have to repeat the beta?

Are you taking folic acid? Here is, once you have done that do not need to do anything else, except to book in for an ultrasound toward the eighth week, (counting from the first day of your last period coming) to see that you agree the time and to look for the battitio.

do Not do it before, you can’t see, and don’t ask to hear the heartbeat, you è più sure that it is completely harmless just to see him.

If you want to, download the our Calendar of pregnancy , there are all the tips are really useful, even on the prenatal diagnosis, if you are interested and on the analysis to be carried out in the first quarter, and on the correct power supply.

If you get to do the beta one after the other, you only get to put in agitation, my dearest.

you canò give no useful indication for pregnancy, do it only if you have pain (but if they are strong we need the hospital!!), or loss of blood.

Relax and enjoy these first moments without anxiety.

Greetings of the heart to us of the Life of the woman

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