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I 32 years old, because of the sinusitis I was prescribed a cure based on cortisone for 20 days, that I postponed to have the security of not being in the “sweet wait”. The 30 September and it was the first day of the cycle, and then I decided to start therapy.

I Wanted to know, at the end of the treatment it is possible to try safely for a pregnancy, or you have to wait until the “disposal” of cortisone?

There is no need to await disposal, also becauseé before the embryo begins to form its organs go almost 4 weeks with respect to the relationship fertilizing, so if you pause and wait for the menstruation there is no problem to become pregnant in the next cycle. Actuallyà the random taking drugs in the first month of pregnancy is very frequent and the major risk of malformation exists only for three or four drugs including, for example, not c’è the cortisone.

the Last days of pregnancy… how do you count?

I’m 24 years old and are in the last days of pregnancy. The problem is that I do not know the date of the last cycle, and then through the ultrasound, my gynecologist told me that the time was to end on the 28th of November that is (his words) this was to be the first giornodella 40th week. I have been followed in the clinic, but now I’m entrusted to the hospital for monitoring, and here, Mondayì morning, following a visit to a have suggested me to come to their Monday; or Tuesdayì next to a further control in the emergency room and possible hospitalization. Maybe for me giving birth?

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I Am worried because I do not know if my child is mature enough since I don’t actually know which week they are. I would also like to know if she is better to wait another week. An ultrasound could tell me if it is in the moment? I don’t want it to be born too soon and know how much it will have toò still wait for me, as it would solve some organizational problem. Ah, one thing I don’t understand is:how do these make the accounts? They said that next week they are at the 42nd wk., and the 41? mumble…well, that math is an opinion…

In fact, the dating of a pregnancy via ultrasound is only possible in the first quarter or a little più. And in that period, in fact, that we are all the same; one day they form the pancreas, the day after the stomach and so on, but this is absolutely the same in all embryos, and all embryos of two inches have rigorosamene the same età. Non può happen, to the delicacy of the process itself of the formation of organs, that a go in più fast or più top of the other.

Finished the first quarter, and, increasingly, as the pregnancy progresses, each grows according to his personal rhythm until those differences are well known between children of the same age. From what you write it seems that you in fact have done the ultrasound in the first trimester, and then the date of 28 November as the time the alleged birth of the child should match at the end (not the beginning) of the fortieth week.

This is because; pregnancy lasts for 10 menstrual cycles (28 days each, and then if you don’t know the last menstrual period, but you could decide on the day ( more or less ) of the conception by a ultrasound, you have to add two weeks to the back (which are the ones that have prepared the ovulation), and lì count 40 weeks, which forò must be all over because; you can talk about pregnancy beyond the term.

When you canò start at say 40 più a day, the più two days etc. we are actually talking about a pregnancy over the term and we are in the course of the forty-first week. It’s a bit like for years: if I do fifty years from now, I celebrate my fiftieth birthday, but that year, lì è finished (ahimè ) and what I’m experiencing is the fifty-first year of my life…

All of these accounts are made because; in pregnancies beyond term fetuses are gradually in shortage of amniotic fluid and this più you go ahead and più può create problems. How then to decide what to do in a pregnancy over the term there are different positions. C’è chi induces childbirth at 41 and one day, who is waiting for 41 and 5/6 to the limit with the end of the 42°….none forò usually wait beyond the end of the 42°. From what you say, ricostruirei: 28 is your the time the alleged birth, which means that today, the 29th, six at 40°week and a day, and then in the course of the forty-first.

Mondayì you will be at 40° più 4 days, then still in the course of 41°. It is possible that the hospital where you give birth to prefer ricoverarti but still the elements to begin an induction are different, and così è possible to evaluate them all. For what concerns the risk that your child will not be mature, estimated that già at 38 weeks finished you consider the pregnancy to term, then it seems to me that you run this risk.

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