> Menstruation and pregnancy, is that possible?

But è possible that you are in the normal menstrual cycle if you had been pregnant?

I kindly Ask you information about it.

Thanks, have a good day.


No, it is possible that there is a loss from the threat of abortion, but not è a normal menstruation.

I Want to say that the breast will not deflate after, and also the quantityà not è that of the normal.

When it happens that there are false menstruation and then you do the test after months, it usually is because; we do not want to confess even to ourselves that we are afraid of being left pregnant, and così we are satisfied with the little bit of blood, thinking but sì, are menstruation, of course you are, what else could it be?

And we know what it is; but we are too afraid even just to think of it…

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3 may 2012

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