> Assisted reproduction and risk of genetic malformations

We made the duo test and nuchal translucency, and è everything in the standard, now the gynecologist has advised to do the aminocentesi, I am very concerned for although low, but not null probability; abortion.

what do You think about about our winding up to which successful path, you have made the microtese and the icsi in any way may have increased the ability of genetic malformations (trisonomia 21, etc.)?

Currently, it is believed that the duo test and the nuchal translucency to reduce the risk of genetic disorders, and così significant to sì that is a very più high possibilityà to have an abortion that to have a sick child.

there Are statistics, of course, but the child is yours, and if you don’t want to put it at risk for a probabilityà così small this is your decision.

of Course, the absolute guarantee can not be, but the question is; “could you tolerate the hypothesis, albeit remote, of having a down child?”. “Could you tolerate losing a healthy child to contargli chromosomes?”

What you can’t tolerate it; thereò that should not be done.

The choice is yours, and the doctor should not advise, but to inform to help you decide.

let’s Talk about it again, if you want to.

PS. you have also said that you need to do to force the caesarean section?

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24 settembre 2012