> Pregnancy at 5/6 a week, the loss and the pain in the lower abdomen

Is my very first pregnancy. Are the 5/6 sept. The last period on the 24th of April. I have been to the emergency room yesterday morning becauseé are days (now 3) that I had a small but constant losses brownish and pain in the lower abdomen intermittently. 

I have said that the beta low (I have to repeat the analysis) is everything in the standard and that I can continue to do what I was doing before.

Nothing else. In view of the discourtesy and total “disregard” of the doctor in the surgery I would need your opinion.


Dearest one, at this time do not understand anything…. you can notò say if the pregnancy will goà next, you can notò say if it is a miscarriage, and, if not, you è view with clarity the room with the ultrasound, which is what 5 weeks can; also happen, you can notò not even to say if it is an ectopic pregnancy or not.

The er doctor has time, perhaps he did not want to explain these things.

Maybe forò is working like a donkey, and he just made things dramatic how to deal with a placental abruption or caesarean section difficult.

Moreover, the fears that you take it to the bad words for “me talked about abortion at a time così beautiful of your life”,”me said with clarity that the pregnancy would have no hesitation in abortion”, this maybe tomorrow, “do not be diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy” this, perhaps with the coroner.

Così is vague, says that you do not know, and that not c’è the reason of doing nothing and tries to get you out before you can ask about other things, or thing other that may restrict your movements to take a position, what you can’t; do.

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The qualityà the real benefit that you received is probably good because; you have done what you needed but the qualityà perceived it; bad, because it is not you felt welcomed and you è was explained nothing.

The Emergency room forò ahimè, not è a place given to give explanations to patients who have serious things and this is a problem, but not è easy solution.

Tell me if I explained…

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3 June 2012