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the delivery and The epidural anesthesia  to Do or not to do the tri-test and the nuchal translucency Having just turned 28 years of age; and being the first pregnancy and not having a family history of hereditary diseases, ask for advice on make-or-less the following two tests: tritest and nuchal translucency.

monitoring The health of the fetus

the Use of the stethoscope for listening to the heartbeat of a foetus

A miscarriage and now another pregnancy.

very kind friends I would like to know if there are birth preparation courses in the areas of Avellino and Caserta.

Taking medicines in pregnancy: the cortisone I have 32 years old, because of the sinusitis I was prescribed a cure based on cortisone for 20 days, that I postponed to have the security of not being in the “sweet anticipation”………….

the Last days of pregnancy… how do you count?

I’m 24 years old and are in the last days of pregnancy .The problem is that I do not know the date of the last cycle……….

toxoplasmosis in pregnancy In the state of pregnancy to 12° week in my girl has been found a value of 527 of toxo……

toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: precautions Are entered in the 21 week of pregnancy and I do monthly toxotest. I wanted to have the certainty about some of the precautions that I am taking……

The ultrasound trasnucale I heard about a new diagnostic technique for the genetic diseases that it is called ULTRASOUND TRANSNUCALE . …

Toxoplasmosis: when to do the analysis Are pregnant to 8° week, I have a dog and I keep wondering if it is right to do all of the examinations of control only at the end of February (as prescribed by my gynecologist) including that of the toxoplasmosis

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I’m pregnant and my first son has the chicken pox My wife is at the 18-week pregnancy and the grand son of 8 years old in the morning showed the symptoms of chickenpox……

I Am pregnant and I have the chicken pox Appearance of a children, and I have the chicken pox I would be grateful if you could tell me the possible risks, the possible tests to be done, and anything else that you feel useful….

I’m pregnant and in school my child has chickenpox what should I do? I don’t send my son to school?

The toxoplasmosis and the cat walking on the desk I Am pregnant at 14° week and I have never contracted toxoplasmosis, I was wondering if the contact with stray cats or places frequented by cats, may be a source of contagion. I’m asking you this becauseè è entered in the office a stray cat and he walked out on my desk.

my partner has a contract toxoplasmosis Recently my boyfriend has been in hospital for surgery and examinations to which è been subjected is the result that he has alreadyà had toxoplasmosis…

My wife is pregnant and we have a dog, My wife is pregnant at 11° week and I would like to know if you can contract toxoplasmosis through the saliva of our dog.

I have the breasts swollen and sore, you are pregnant? I would like to know if always at the beginning of a pregnancy, the breast is swollen and sore or is it possible that some women may not suffer in the slightest from this disorder…

Amniocentesis at 38 years of age: do I have to pay the ticket? Are 10 weeks pregnant and I have agreed with my partner and my gynecologist due to my age (38 years old at the time of birth) to perform amniocentesis: do I have to pay the ticket as I have been told, and also the ultrasound examinations and the blood that I have run before, including the genetic counseling ? It seems to me that it is a little too much!!!!

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I don’t feel the kicks of my child.

I Am a woman first son, at 19 weeks I still don’t understand when the child is feeling……

hair dye in pregnancy My wife é at the third month of pregnancy, and insists in wanting to color their hair despite the negative opinion of your doctor.

as pregnancy rubella vaccination and my partner and I are trying to have a baby and from the analysis made I have discovered that you have not had rubella…..

Losses at the beginning of pregnancy

fetal Malformations: my son is born with EEC Syndrome is possible to diagnose in advance the disease?

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