> Pregnancy, are positive to the strep bacteria and I have to take antibiotics

From 2 days I started antibiotic therapy with augmentin 1 mg, 2 cps to the dì, for 5 days

At the end of treatment repeatò the buffer. If this last this time is negative (then sarò at about 37 + 4), given the proximity of the deadline specified in the time (24 may), in the first stage of labour will have toò indispensably make by intravenous antibiotic prophylaxis?

Or my daughter wouldn’t take risks, being riusciuta with the augmentin to eradicate the streptococcus?

I Look forward to fidusiosa His imminent answer. Thank you and I extend cordial greetings.


Dearest, the protocols say you have to do the antibiotic therapy in labor, even if you were positive in a previous pregnancy !!

In many garrisons, in fact, the therapy in pregnancy in the case of positività not for nothing, just because is the infusion of antibiotic is always and in any case, even if the examination becomes negative after antibiotics in pregnancy.

In practice, così take only the antibiotic two times…

you’re quiet, the antibiotic is harmless, and in any case the infections from streptococcus surely they are not all children born from positive mothers.

A hug

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1 may 2012

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