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pregnancy Test. Interpretation Dear doctor, sinceè my cycle has a huge delay (the start date of the last menstruation is April 12), 3 days ago, I performed in the laboratory analysis of the blood.

The result is the following: S-beta HCG , met. chemiluminescence, a result of 1.00 UM mlU/mL. (val. reference: up to 5). I would like to know what it means, and if in one case or another, the result is absolutely safe or if you might need additional analysis to exclude or confirm the presence of a pregnancy.

The examination is negative, that is; not c’è trace of placental hormone in your blood, at least così I read what I’ve written. The examination forò say that you are not pregnant only for the relationships he had had 15 to 20 days ago… if you’re pregnant, the last week is a negative is the same… I have explained it?

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pregnancy Test, when should I do?

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