> Pregnancy Test, when should you do?

The pregnancy test must be done 15 days after (not counting the day of the report at risk, right? The results will be certain and safe in both cases or there might be false positives or false negatives if done too early?

Sorry but there are many doubts on the internet about this and many different answers and we’d like to be 100% sure that you have certain results and precise on both tests!



Dear, fertilization, i.e.; the entry of the sperm into the egg occurs within 24,48, but also 72 hours from the relationship at risk and sometimes even the day after.

lì begin to multiply in the tube, first two, then four cells, finchè become a heap on the floor of the cell, which is called morula, after the seven days, and that seems to, in fact, a small brunette, with all the cells as sketches.

After these seven days, this cluster of cells arrives in the uterus and attaches itself to the wall (day of planting), beginning with the differentiation in the placenta and the embryo.

when he begins to exist in the placenta, the beta hcg begins to go in a circle, and is sì that the pregnancy test is positive.

of course at the beginning is a little little, then grows, and typically is enough to be visible at the test after 10 or 12 days from the system.

of Course this also depends on the sensitivityà of the pregnancy test più the test is sensitive, that is; there is also a change to the quantityà very small beta hcg, before it becomes positive.

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Sinceè forò the exact date of fertilization is not possible to establish it, if not with the ultrasound, which is at least 15 days delay, otherwise you will not see anything, it is usually advisable to take the test at least on the first day of delay, if ovulation was delayed, and then the fertilization as well, we will have a negative test, but a false negative, becauseè è only too soon, but we don’t know.

The false positives, instead, are technical errors, but they are very rare.

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