> I am pregnant, expecting a child, but he does not want it

In the time that I lift up my eyes to watch her expression, while I continued to breathe.. he stands up and says: “don’t give a damn, re-arranged”.

I Wanted to die I would die. I lost my job a little while ago, and he asked me also money. I live alone, he has già a daughter of 12 years.


Dearest one, men often faced with a pregnancy they flee because; they are afraid.

Flee also because it; sometimes they want the responsibilityà of the new life if you take it entirely the woman, così may possibly rinfacciargliela.

Some, reassured by this relinquishment of responsibility and become the fathers and companions of good qualityà. Other così così.

Just a few, disappear, really, as they have threatened.

The women remain badly because; they hoped that it was a little bit like in the film when he understands everything by looking and touching.

What to tell her. If you really want this child, and può be able to afford it, so in many ways, keep it.

There is the possibilityà that his companion lathes. And maybe she does not takeà più.

What happens to us in life is not; maybe what we had hoped, but not always, is to despise… wants to rewrite them ?

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28 aprile 2012

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