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Loss of weight of the baby I weighed my son who is 2 months and a week and (unless I did wrong in the measurement, but I don’t think) I know that it is lost almost 90 grams since the previous weighing, dating back to a week ago……

milk Production after breastfeeding Are a woman of 35 years with a son. I can stimulate the breast or the nipple so as to still produce milk even if you are not pregnant? There is any special technique? It is dangerous to produce milk if you do not have a son? There may be contraindications??

breast-Feeding and myopia it is true that during breastfeeding you may experience a decrease in vision, especially if you è già short-sighted?

Di mamma ce n’is one… and only! We have published a page that comes from the article of dr. Manuela Trinci appeared on the Unità the 27/5/2005. the we invite You to read it through and talk with us when you can più, not sleep, not alive, the child occupies the whole of your life, and you would like to get far away.

tricks for survival, how to use neighbors and relatives, who should clean the house when the mother is breast feeding, because sometimes “he” does not understand. How to do to get by when all of them give you tips on how to be a perfect mother while you do not know where to put hands, but you prefer to err alone.

The “maternity blues” that sadness that sometimes replaces the sense of power of the mother.

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