> Puerperium: the loss of weight of the newborn

I weighed my son who is 2 months and a week and (unless I did wrong in the measurement, but I don’t think) I know that it is lost almost 90 grams since the previous weighing, dating back to a week ago.

The child is cooled down practically from when we got out of the hospital and this has always complicated feedings. The stern, often but not very much, or makes feedings extremely long, in short, so far, has always eaten a lot and in a disorderly fashion.

it amazes Me, the fall (which forò è arrived in coincidence of my cooling and a worsening of his) because, until now, has always taken a minimum of 200 grams a week. Now weighs 5,850 kg and has 2 months and 11 days.

In these days has started to wake up at night and feeding, but while the first feeding was a calming guaranteed x he now sometimes refuses and continues to complain.

In this period the child should grow at least 115 gr. a week. If the amounts and categories of milk not è enough &it is normal that the child will wake up in the night. His body tells him that he needs more food and he wants it more often. It is quite clear that he is hungry, but for some reason, is unable to take advantage of the breast to fill: let’s See some possible reason

  • has the nose too closed ? you can try to liberarglielo with a aspire mucus for infants, the pressure of the suction, it should do the rest
  • the breast is too hard ? you could try to squeeze it a little, at least at the beginning, making him drop the drops in the mouth. In this way, when you put less effort
  • è nervous ? sometimes you can; attack walking and cullandolo, is an effect a bit strange, but works sometimes
  • And you

  • are you tired ?
  • è changed something in your rhythm of life ?
  • you sleep enough? you eat? do you drink?
  • you could remove the milk from your diet, it might bother him.

actuallyà 2 months is pretty soon because, and would sleep all night and often, they wake up if the amount; of milk should be increased. Day complains or stern on a regular basis? It seems to me that the allattavi to the request, is changed something ? Let us know what are you saying to the pediatrician, we need a lot of data to understand cos’è that will not work in a breastfeeding and not è easy to e-mail. If you want to continue to breastfeed, keep a little hard, there may be some difficult moments, but it is possible to overcome them. However, if you see that you the same too riparliamone, each pair of mother and child has the balance, and nothing should be forced nè in a way n is in the other.

Di mamma ce n’is one… and only! We have published a page that comes from the article of dr. Manuela Trinci appeared on the Unità the 27/5/2005. the we invite You to read it through and talk with us when you can più, not sleep, not alive, the child occupies the whole of your life, and you would like to get far away.

tricks for survival, how to use neighbors and relatives, who should clean the house when the mother is breast feeding, because sometimes “he” does not understand. How to do to get by when all of them give you tips on how to be a perfect mother while you do not know where to put hands, but you prefer to be wrong alone. The “maternity blues” that sadness that sometimes replaces the sense of power of the mother.

This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it., tells on the forum, put in common by anonymous, the thorns of the maternityà to render them harmless and enjoy it on the più possible.

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