> The beginning of the weaning: which foods?

I have a little girl who turns two months old, the pediatrician told me that I can begin weaning and feeding in two feedings daily and a teaspoon of cream of rice and pear grated.

as far as I know and feel the grandmothers, it seems a pò soon, thereforeò I turned to the pediatrician’s office who told me that he still is soon. At this point (there is a saying that goes: better be between two lawyers who, between the two doctors) in order to hear a third bell we took it from a third pediatrician who did not contradict the first, in fact, has confirmed the cream of rice, but he said absolutely no to the fruit, on the contrary, he added in a feed as well as wheat.

I note that the girl is allatatta both breast artificially and is growing well, has no problems of regurgitation, an increase of about 200 gr a week, perhaps è a pò lazy in the to eat because sometimes it takes more, and sometimes less. However, now, we are at the mercy of three doctors, what can we do.

For the weaning of the international guidelines currently recommend, in the breast-fed babies, the deferral of the introduction of other types of food up to 4°/6° month; in children of families with affected individuals of allergy, recommend that you the six months. Considering, then, that your little girl è già breastfeeding mixed, and then has già got acquainted with different substances from the breast milk, the rules may be a little changed.

The guidelines say that is the right start with the baby rice as it is less allergenic, but in fact the introduction of the cream of rice with a fruit may not be adequate for the maturità the gut of the girl. One of the rules fondamenetali is to introduce a food for a time. It is difficult to determine what is right, but a pò of prudence, perhaps, is not bad.

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