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I Am 10 weeks pregnant and I have agreed with my partner and my gynecologist due to my age (38 years old at the time of birth) to perform amniocentesis: do I have to pay the ticket as I have been told, and also the ultrasound examinations and the blood that I have to run before it, including the “genetic counseling? It seems to me that it is a little too much!!!!

amniocentesis in pregnancy after 35 years is exempt from the ticket !! You downloaded from the site the protocol for maternityà? Where you have made this unjust demand? And also all of usò concerning the time of the test is free of charge, even if, at times, is; più hard to get it.

Where we’re addressing ? And’ maybe a structure semiconvenzionata and they will tell you that much è così everywhere because; così you believe in it and pay? Download the protocol, please let us know who told you this, perhaps we make a call or write us.

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Amniocentesis at S. Anna of Turin

I am writing to You becauseé I would like to clarify the following doubt: in order to take advantage of the exemption from the ticket to do the amniocentesis you have to be 35 years. 35 years old must be made on the date of conception or the date of the last menstruation? At the hospital S. Anna of Turin support the second hypothesis, così I to 15-day difference I have to pay more than 600 euro.

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A woman that we know has brought the law to the Court of the sick, those that have read “età advanced maternal = to or greater than 35 years “, and then accompanied her in the direction of health where they had to arrange the amniocentesis free of charge.

The law does not say that he who has made 35 years ago, the amniocentesis for free… You need to download the protocol and in need of a lawyer, or a Court of the rights of the sick, which should have a home at the Sant ‘ Anna. In the mouth of the wolf

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