> The experiences recounted by the women: Ospedale San Francesco, Nuoro

I have never been opposed to the abortion becauseé I always thought it was a choice, however painful, that one can judge it. Only that I would have never believed me to terminate a pregnancy.

I have a story for almost 10 years and now that I am pregnant, in spite of the have always wanted, I realize that I don’t feel I have this child…

I Thought that if I were pregnant, I would have taken the news with joy, for the rest I love children and I always thought that I was going to be a good mom. And it is precisely for this reason that I decided not to bring to an end my pregnancy.

But I don’t want to write my reasons, I want to write about the experience, thereò which I spent, of the people that I found becauseé I want to help, becauseé I know how is difficult.

The 14 August, taking a test, and bought in the pharmacy, I discovered she was pregnant. In the days following avrò made at least 7 other perché I kept hoping in an error, but the lines there were always. I am desperate, I didn’t know what to do, who to talk to, where to go, banging head

I started to not sleep più and I could not eat (in 2 weeks I lost 4 kg), finché non, I decided to move and I called the consultorio of Nuoro. On the phone, I was tremendously anxious, I was afraid of being accused or judged, but the woman I spoke with (I believe it was the social worker) is very kind and is able to calm me a little. Unfortunately the gynecologist was on vacation, but the lady on the phone I set an appointment for the (omissis), the same day that the doctor came.

Get the day of the visit. I introduce myself to the clinic scared and anxious, instead, have been very kind. The gynecologist to me has made the visit, after talking with me a bit, and then I was immediately booked for the analysis of Saint Francis hospital and the intervention the day after the 7 provided by law. I have presented to the hospital for the ultrasound and lì I have known the doctor occuperà of the IVG and già è was soothing to see his professional attitude and non-aggressive. Even the nurse (who also seemed more “austere”) è was very kind and did everything to get me to do all the analysis on the same day, even if they were loads of work.

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Now I’m a little più calm even though I was still scared, also becauseé I came to almost (omitted) years completely uninformed of hospitals and interventions. The IVG is tomorrow morning and I am frightened at the thought of the risks and complications that may arise (even if I know that the rates are truly very low). The only thought that sustains me is that tomorrow in this hour, sarà all finished.. is a pain, but is also a relief. Now, I can’t have children. For now I only know that the surgery is done in day hospital under general anaesthesia. Will have toò be lì at 7 in the morning, fast (but without having drunk even a sip of water or chewed gum), and with the need to spend the day (and maybe night, but I sure hope not) admitted.


At 7, punctual as a swiss watch, I’m at the hospital, where I is immediately assigned to the bed. At 7:45 begins the preparation (45 minutes lying down). at 9:15 bring me the giù for the intervention (here I have lost count of the time becauseé I had no watch and not having contact lenses, I couldn’t see the clock in the operating room) . However, the medical staff has been extraordinary. Professionalissimo and an amazing sweetness. They were constantly asking me how I felt and to try to calm me, given that I spent almost the entire time crying (the fear was really great!!!). At 11, I was again in the room (2 hours lying down without a pillow and without being able to move). The aches and pains are almost completely sold out in the 2 hours I was in bed, tant’is that I did not have even needed the pain-reliever), and if I had been advised that I should not expect the visit but I could go first, if I felt, I would be out of the hospital at 13:30 instead of 17.

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Now it is 21:40 and I feel pretty good, the losses are to read, I don’t have physical pain and are much moreù calm perché I know I have made the right choice. Avrò sons, più forward, and andrà well. Now would have been a disaster. the A huge thank you needs to be done, in addition to the extraordinary staff of Saint Francis hospital (despite the chaos to a bereavement suffered by the medical staff – was dead, one of the gynecologists, a doctor really in the leg) to my sister and to my boyfriend, who have been close to me, that supported me and that I would have supported and helped in every case. I know that è così that should go normally, but I also know that often does not happen.

it takes Me an anger towards all those men who have practically forced their mates to have abortions… maybe they should try what we as women feel… it is their life to radically change, they don’t undergo the risks and pain, before and after the birth… But as you allow us to give ultimatum or psychological pressure? My guy is close to you in all and for all, approves of my choice (on this topic).

Girls, if a man puts an ultimatum, send it where it should be, because it; does not deserve another: life &is our, is our life-changing and we are us, not them, to make the sacrifices and to grow the children… if you find a man who will leave you after learning that you are pregnant, try to go forward… a man così no that is to much… and the BEST SUN THAT BADLY ACCOMPANIED!

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The choice (as much as painful, and we know it very well) it is up to us… it makes Me ill to think of the lies that I told to hide this intervention. I am one of those people which are sincere to the extreme, but I would have given it a huge pain to my mother and say that she is one of those women who is dropped in the streets to demonstrate in favour of abortion, but not for his daughter), and I couldn’t. And then, at the end, are not even lies, but small distortions in order to defend my privacy and to try to have an environment that is more or less clear in the house.

I Hope that my testimony may be useful. I know that is not easy, but they are things that surpass it. The strength and the courage, life goes on!

a Letter signed

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