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pregnant 9 weeks: I’m not immune to toxoplasmosis so I have to repeat the test every month. I have been told in a laboratory agreement with the SSN, the exemption of the ticket applies only for the first time, and in any event within 13 weeks.

I read the text of the law, and it seems clear to me, because it says that if you are not immune, the tests have to be repeated every 30-40 days, but without having to specify that every time this is exempt from the payment. Can you please give me some information on this issue, possibly showing me where to go to find information, more detailed information on the law? I would not like having to pay for investigations that are exempt ..

Dear to the recital of the initial states “specialised services for the control of pregnancy physiological excluded from participation in the cost; and all the analysis listed under this paragraph are therefore exempt from cost-sharing, including the repetition of the toxotest.

The real problem, probably, is that such gratuità you only get in hospitals and in laboratories, “accredited”, and being the one to which you’re pointing a laboratory, an “agreement” with them you have to pay and that’s it.

if we really have to think of evil (which you should, but at times I guess) we might think that if you think that “so much you have to pay” six più willing to get the analyses in this laboratory….while, however, if you is very clear that if you go into Hospital you do not pay anything ever for the toxo test maybe to them we are evil……

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