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it Could have contracted previously, they are still values of toxo-sensitive? That risk runs the fetus? What checks and tests should be done? Which centre is the best in italy, and who, in addition to our gynecologist, we can turn to?

In the morning, we will take care of your problem, that needs to be addressed pretty quickly.

Più later we will use the phone number that you give us to contact you, bring with you the analysis in order to be able to give the exact data. In the meantime, we remind you that all’Università di Pisa, within the Facultyà of obstetrics and gynecology there is a department called “reproductive medicine and età of development” that takes care of the infectious diseases in pregnancy, and may be a useful idea to go to lì morning and put the request to speak immediately with someone who takes care of toxoplasmosis.

From the news that you have written we don’t know actually if there is risk or not, but a specialist service, the può make and up is a trip because it is not c’è no problem, and può be useful to calm you.

Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy: precautions

I came in 21 week of pregnancy and I do monthly toxotest. I wanted to have the certainty about some of the precautions that I am taking:

1) in addition to not to eat cold meats and sausages of every kind, not glutton the pig meat, even if cooked (type chop): &it is right or it is a pointless precaution?

2) I eat fruit always peeled: me è was told, forò also the orange, the kiwifruit, the banana, etc, even if deprived of their skin, should I still wash them, becauseé in the moment that I remove the skin or with the hands or with the knife…the fruit may remain infected. It is just this device or is an excess?

3) C’è who says that crustaceans, molluscs, shellfish, etc., not that I can eat, even if cooked well. My gynecologist told me instead that I can eat them safely (in a dish like paella). How should I do?

actuallyà the sausages are only dangerous if the herds from which they come are not controlled, and therefore, in the case of fraud food. The precaution that you take is reasonable, in view of the impossibilityà to be sure.

Honestly, I don’t know why; you have problems with the fruit. It grows on the trees and being that the toxoplasmosis, as well as with the raw meat, is transmitted in the feces of cats, it seems to me unlikely to be contaminated. I have never heard, however, that fruits go washed after being peeled, the only può be, perhaps, not to touch the banana with the same hands, of the skin, because it; può be been exposed during long trips.

there is No contraindication for the fruits of the sea, only, sometimes, the allergists, in families with predisposition to allergy, we do not recommend the consumption both during pregnancy and breastfeeding because; the fetus before the baby then it is not exposed too soon to the allergens. For the rest there is no contraindication if you do not the idea that they are foods, especially if raw, and are at high risk for food-borne diseases. Of course, cooking reduces the great majority of these risks, even if not all of them.

L’ ecografia trasnucale

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I heard about a new diagnostic technique for the genetic diseases that it is called ULTRASOUND TRANSNUCALE . I would like to know what is, if è true that for the certainty of the results può be considered in lieu of amniocentesis, if this is also provided free of charge by the health service after 35 years of età , if and where it is possible to undergo such examination in Milan

are You referring to the ultrasound to assess nuchal translucency, i.e.; the thickness of the fold behind the neck of the fetus, which the più of the times is altered in fetuses affected by Down’s syndrome. Currently, in the majority of the services it is inserted in an analysis group called “bitest” and which also provides for two drawings of blood.

These data are entered in a computer system that recalculates a risk più custom for that child. If the risk is greater than one to three hundred, usually, it is recommended to perform amniocentesis and practice for free.

The problem of this type of examination is that the answer 1 in the fourteenth century, for example, means “out of three hundred children with this alteration a is definitely Down,” that does not mean that your it is. Answer 1 of 2000 means that “about two thousand children with this alteration a is Down”, but this, even if è più reassuring, it does not mean that your son is not.In other words, between a probability and a certainty, there is a certain difference. In addition, after 35 years the risk is already high for età and it is not recommended più.

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However, if you don’t want to do the amniocentesis, and are willing, together with the papà of the child, to settle for a probabilityà, you can use these exams indirect. You could ask for a genetic counseling Clinic of the Clinica Mangiagalli, in the your in the cityà, phone 02/57992319-2321, and talk with them about your concerns. In Rome the bitest is under 35 years of age, between 12 and 13 weeks, and is charged for a ticket 44 euros.

Toxoplasmosis: when to do the analysis

Are pregnant to 8° week, I have a dog and I keep wondering if it is right to do all of the examinations of control only at the end of February (as prescribed by my gynecologist) including that of the toxoplasmosis

you’ve never done the examination for toxoplasmosis ? It is the right time to do so. If it is negative you can repeat it every thirty to forty days without paying the ticket. In this case, at the end of February you would have già at the first repetition. Others, perhaps, can wait….

my mate has had toxoplasmosis

I Would like to know what are the tests to do to figure out if I have già had toxoplasmosis, and in case I have già had what are the risks that I would run into a possible pregnancy? Recently my boyfriend has been in hospital for surgery and examinations to which è been subjected is the result that he has alreadyà had toxoplasmosis, the doctor told him to do this thing to the doctor that we will followà when we want to have children, I would like to know whyè.

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You need, if you believe, run the test IgG and IgM for toxoplasmosis. If you have alreadyà had not c’è a problem, because you have the antibodies, and these protect the fetus. If you’ve never had you have to be careful in pregnancy not to eat raw vegetables poorly washed, undercooked meat, cold cuts of origin are not clear, and food contaminated with the feces of cats. However, mothers with negative repeat the examination every thirty-four days, and if infected can make the antibiotic therapy.

I don’t know why; your boyfriend needs to present its status. Sincerely is the first time that I hear such a thing. Excess of zeal on the part of the colleague?

My wife is pregnant and we have a dog

My wife is pregnant at 11° week and I would like to know if you can contract toxoplasmosis through the saliva of our dog.

In the saliva of the dog is not può be any source of contagion, but the dog when it goes to the road puts the muzzle anywhere and può contaminated with the feces of the cat. It is a source a bit unlikely of infection, but if it allows us a joke, we would like to encourage it to resume to kissing the dog only a pregnancy terminated.

toxoplasmosis and the cat walking on the desk

I’m pregnant at 14° week and I have never contracted toxoplasmosis, I was wondering if the contact with stray cats or places frequented by cats, may be a source of contagion. I’m asking you this becauseè è entered in the office a stray cat and he walked out on my desk.

For contracting toxoplasmosis you should ingest the mouth of the oocysts found in the feces of cats. It is very difficult for this to happen because; a cat walked on your desk. Wash your hands before eating and don’t put your hands in your mouth…don’t worry, contagion, è più difficult than it may seem.


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