> Tummy ache, the beta, the water retention

I Would like to go to the gynecologist at least to see if I get something for the belly…. then I ask myself the beta indicates 4 weeks.. so I would have conceived already during the cycle, or calculate from last menstrual period?

On an internet site by entering the date of my last cycle, me the port that the period fetile has been more or less from 1 to 5 September…. I’m a bit overweight, before pregnancy I lost 5 kilos, are not grassona but accumulation a lot of retention on the legs, what should I do?

grazie mille.

p.s can I use detergents anticlacare for the bathroom?


Dearest one, as già said in the beta you can’t; indicate nothing at all, for the date of conception serves as the ultrasound, to the eighth or ninth week.

The pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation came, and the fertile period is calculated in a statistical manner 14 days before the date on which, usually, you are menstruation.

For the belly if the pregnancy goes on well does not need anything, but is very difficult to tell if the uncomfortable feeling in your lower are normal or not.. maybe they are normal, if you are uncomfortable feeling in your lower.

For the weight not to eat sweets nè cheeses, limited to 150 grams of carbohydrates like bread and pasta and rice etc, eat meat, fish and vegetables at willà except for carrots and potatoes, 300 grams of fruit, 250 grams of milk or yogurt.

you will See that così you’re not hungry and not gain fat, water retention in pregnancy is normal, and passerà after the birth..

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For detergents you can use the ones that you want, but do not overdo it, in general, are toxic, regardless of the pregnancy.

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