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I could answer that is the anesthesia as practised in Europe from the years that allows women to give birth spontaneously without the pain … is the placement of a catheter through a puncture, near to the nerve centers in the spine that carry the sensations to our brain. Through this tube is inserted a analgesic which, repeated periodically, it eliminates the feelings associated to uterine contractions. It begins, typically, about three centimeters of dilation, when it is certain that labor has begun. I could tell you that it has few risks, is always a medical act, but at present the techniques that are standardized and medical experts, such as to reduce the risk that is truly at the minimum.

dirò forò, that increases a little the instrumental parts, in the sense that è più frequently to help the child to exit, perhaps with the help of the suction cup, because it; the expulsive phase può be less effective. On the whole, the pros and cons are the same, although opposite in sign, and only the one who gives birth has the right to the last word. I, for me, the kò thatè the same difference that there is between to go in Sardinia, in a sailing boat and go with the ship super fast.. don’t tell a sailor put in four hours of running, sitting and tied up, and not face getting on a boat sailing to sweat who is ready for a comfortable ride and quick.. she, as è?

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