> Pregnancy, fear, anxiety, and body changes

the First thing the delivery, just the thought of the pain makes me pass on the idea of a son. Then the future in which we live. the transformation of my body, I don’t want to gain weight. Then I know that the anxiety should not accompany pregnancy, but all of these fears does not make me pregnant.


Dear girl, your fear is perfectly understandable.

In fact, you don’t really know why; the women cast in this adventure of having another human being inside, let it out when the news is great, and incollarselo for the rest of your life, considering the risks to which we are exposed.

You are coming into contact with the reality of this thing, and very understandably, you are afraid.

The women do it, forò, they face the risks and the pain, both physical and psychic, because it; love to drag it from the meaning of life, I would say. Or maybe by love. Or chissà.

These desires make them forget everything and give it that wonderful unconsciousness that makes him say “andrà all well and good, and whatever does not go in the knowò to face, via the moorings, one goes to the sea”.

You want to go to the sea but you are afraid of the waves. I have had for years, fear of flying, and then I took the plane così loads of drops who are not able to get off alone. To return a nice man held me hand and told me that I was in his Ferrari and led me to take a drink on the côte d’azur….

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there is something that you could attack to find the courage to begin? Then once the game, the courage is.

also Think that you may make a planned caesarean section for touch phobia, if is this your biggest problem.

And think that the body changes, but then returns as before (and then still sooner or later it ages, so that the preserves do all?)

let’s Talk about it again, would you?

ciao Vdd

do Not forget to take folic acid, even while you think that you will stay pregnant, because it; is to be taken two months before at least. And do not think that the pregnancy is not want to anxiety.. all the women, for one reason or another suffer from anxiety in pregnancy!! &it is normal!!

2 may 2012

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