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The flaw, which affects 5% of newborns, può to consist in an alteration of the anatomical or structural or metabolic defect or functional.

The causes, unknown in 65-75% of cases (diseases, multifactorial, polygenic, errors, spontaneous development, etc), are of genetic origin, in 15-25% of cases (genetic diseases autosomal or x-linked, chromosomal abnormalities, mutations), and employees from environmental factors in 10% of cases (diseases and conditions of the mother, infectious diseases, drugs, radiation, etc.).

Some of these congenital anomalies can be prevented through appropriate guidance preconcezionale. An adequate glycemic control in the case of diabetes, the use of proper medication in the case of epilepsy or hypertension, thanks to the advice preconcezionale, can prevent the onset of any diseases neonatal.

The suspension of drug therapies teratogenic or replacement with products of the più suitable to pregnancy is another important form of prevention. In addition, a screening preconcezionale of infectious diseases, through vaccinations (rubella, and varicella (chicken pox) or sanitary measures (toxoplasmosis), and preventing birth defects.

it Is well-known, and finally to all, such as taking preconcezionale of folic acid can reduce the risk of spina bifida by up to 70%.

È possible to book the advice preconcezionale at the Hospital’s Spirit to the number 06/68352280 (H24).

Ospedate S. Spirito in Saxia Rome – UOC of Obstetrics and Gynecology Director: Prof. Vincenzo Scotto di Palumbo Lg. The tiber Sassia – 06/68351



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