> Back pain in pregnancy: remedies

During pregnancy, the back pain is a disorder is rather frequent, however, should not be underestimated and deserves attention.

remedies that we suggest you can alleviate the pain in the back and go from maintaining a correct posture, to practice movement and activitiesà physics, without excluding the use of complementary treatments.


With the continuation of the pregnancy, the centre of gravityà move forward. It is therefore possible to prevent falls fees, bringing the bust to the back. This può be a possible cause of back pain. It’s good to remember and put into action the following tips:


  • Stay straight with the bust.
  • the

  • Keep the top of the chest.
  • the

  • Keep your shoulders back and relaxed.
  • the

  • do Not lock the knees.

When you can, take a comfortable position by using a stable support. If you are forced to stand for a long time, you canò to rest by placing a foot on a low stool.

Maintain a good posture in the sitting position. Choose a chair that supports your back, if you need to place a pillow behind the back. Resting your feet on a mat or a low stool.

The scarpe

Wear shoes with a low heel and have a good support for the arch of the foot. Avoid flat shoes.

A tool that può be useful &is the elastic band for pregnant women. There are enough scientific data on its effectiveness, however some women find the additional support useful.

Lift weights

The lifting of excessive weight should be avoided. When lifting a small object, abbassatevi bending his legs and to pull up you make force on the legs. Do not bend at the waist and do not raise the weight using your back. Especially no risk and ask for help in case of need.

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Rest on your side

Resting on the side and not on his back, with one or both knees bent. Può be helpful to keep a pillow between your knees or folded under the abdomen and behind the back.

The hot, cold and massage

To relieve the pain you can; try the hot and using compresses on the back (there are also electric instruments). Alternatively, try ice packs. Also rub the back might help.

activity; regular physical

The activityà physics proper and regular può help keep your back strong and might actually relieve the pain during pregnancy. Discuss this with your doctor can advise you on some of the activitiesà cakes how to walk or do exercises in the water.

there Are various exercises that can be carried out during pregnancy, and your specialist can; advise. To deepen the visit our section dedicated to exercise in pregnancy.

complementary therapies

you Can try with theacupuncture, some research suggests that può help relieve back pain, however the result is not; safe. For many women, the chiropractic treatment seems to produce the benefit. In every way, if you are considering the possibilityà of a complementary therapy, discuss it first with the doctor who follows you.

When to consult your doctor

If you experience severe back pain during pregnancy or back pain has persisted for more than two weeks, talk with the health care that follows you. The medical valueà the opportunityà to prescribe the paracetamol or other treatments.

it must Be considered that the lower back pain in pregnancy could be a sign of preterm birth.

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If the back pain is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, fever or burning during urination, è the case of resorting to the doctor as soon as possible.

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.


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