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False menstruation, what are the symptoms, how to recognize it. But then the false menstruation exist? None of them have normal menstruation, and then is pregnant

let’s Talk about “false menstruation’. One often reads on the web, and you can see on tv women, especially the young, who tell of having had my period for all nine months without their knowledge.

it is good to clarify this point.

If è true, indeed, that you can have a blood loss during pregnancy, maybe even to the end of the month, it should be clarified that these losses are not never equal to a normal menstruation.

How to recognize

A normal menstruation is preceded the più times by breast tenderness, nervousness, a few spots, swelling general, the change of mood. Has its own trend. Begins with great variabilityà from woman to woman, with some loss, increases, up to her days as a medium, and then decrease, the più or less rapidly, and leave the woman deflates, “released”, while estrogen begin to rise.

The blood loss of pregnancy, even if days cycle can obviously not have this trend. Are usually più low, rarely medium, irregular, come and go but most of all, of course, are not followed by a reduction of the swelling, but, on the contrary, progressively increased.

La realtà

What happens then? perché, all this talk of false menstruation, and of women who give birth without knowing that they were pregnant?

First of all, the television will inflate the magical thinking. We think of fortune-tellers and those who read the hand for television, the programs that are always incredible, with news of far-fetched but, according to them, lost.

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We understand very well that the magic of having menstrual periods every month and still be pregnant becomes possible. Così the women, especially the young, rationally that they know very well that you can’t; happen, you are in a state of panic, thinking that it can’t happen really in their body, a thing così important without their knowledge.

But then it never happens really? Sure, it happens, but it happens another thing. What happens is that women who do not use any type of contraception, are not able to admit to high-risk behaviours and here is the first negation.

I don’t use anything, but they are so quiet. From this denial of psychological descend the other.. I have come to menstruation, (even if they are two drops), they are scarce becauseé I took antibiotics, perché are tired, becauseé I got scared.

I missed only three of the menstruation, (and the other losses were threat of abortion, and the months are six). I am sure that what I am doing is safe, are not stupid. I take the right precautions. Or are young, is a thing that happens.

All these thoughts, also not really clear, but still present underneath it all, they make sì false menstruation may be disguised by menstruation true, for a sort of defence, a bit like the ostrich (which, however, never puts his head under the sand, is stupid), and bring in young women, young and old, on the brink of birth is still unaware (at surface level) of being pregnant.

The other then think that it is true, in good faith. That those girls who have given birth have really had normal menstruation and for nine months, and were pregnant. Ok, then, let’s face it once and for all. is Not è true.

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None of them have normal menstruation, and then is pregnant. Losses in pregnancy are not a normal menstruation, periods, different, strange, poor, irregular, leave the swollen breasts. And the doubt that is always.

If we are using a system that is not safe, do a pregnancy test! And, above all, by the next month we use a secure system, the best cure for anxiety from false menstruation.

pregnancy is a thing mysterious, magical, light and dark at the same time. Proteggiamoci with the reason, using contraception according to the law.

it is irresistible to play with fire, but canò have unintended consequences.


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