> Fetal malformations, as well as reduce the risk

children born with birth defects are about 3% -4% of births. Some malformations are minor and do not result in a significant problem for the future life of the child. Others can be very serious.

it is well known that during pregnancy it is possible to identify some malformations, or congenital anomalies through the execution of the ultrasound.

it is necessary to keep in mind forò that the ultrasound is able to highlight the only part malformations; even with più times on the ultrasound during the pregnancy, malformations, though serious, can not escape the examination.

When you locate a malformation it is possible that, in the cases più serious, you arrive to the decision to terminate the pregnancy. In other cases, earlier detection of a malformation può allow to intervene to correct it or to give the child the assistance of the più suitable during pregnancy, at birth or after birth.

In any case, when you identify a malformation, it is important to discuss with a specialist doctor of the consequences of this willà to have on the future of the child and on the ability of the family to cope in the best way any difficultyà.

Some of the malformations, and therefore, can be identified before birth, allowing così to intervene and improve the care of the child.

Today, è forò can do something moreù: è possible to prevent some malformations, cioè to be born healthy and without defects in children that, without these prevention interventions, could have been born with a malformation.

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What you canò to do before and during pregnancy, to reduce the risk of malformations?

As we said, eliminate or reduce to a minimum the cigarettes and alcohol is the first choice that is useful for the health of the child, and that of their parents.

The another factor of great importance in preventive è the power of the mother: a well-balanced diet, without excess calories and full of vegetables, willà surely the baby to grow better.

può do even moreù: in fact, there is a particular vitamin, call folic acid that allows to reduce the risk of birth defects in the child, in particular, the defects of the neural tube, as well as some malformations of the heart, of lip and palate, kidney and limbs.

This form of prevention, easy to implement, requires only that the mother take a dose of acid folic più high of that which was usually found in foods daily, starting at least two weeks prior to the pregnancy.

Small dictionary

Antibodies molecules that appear in the blood after the body is come into contact with something that he recognized as a stranger

Embryo: the product of conception up to eight weeks of intrauterine life

Screenshotsà: the transmission of some biological characters from parents to offspring, through the generations

Fetus: the product of conception from the beginning of the ninth week of intrauterine life at birth

Genetic: that concerns the origin, the formation, reproduction, and the screenshotsà of biological

Microgram: a millionth of a gram



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