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folic Acid. In order to avoid malformations of the neural tube of the child every woman should take a dealà folic acid, equal to 0.4 milligrams per day (0.4 mg), beginning two weeks prior to the start of the pregnancy and throughout the first quarter.

In Italy, unlike other Countries, there is still a widespread practice of enriching foods (for instance flour) with substances beneficial to health (e.g. folic acid).

waiting for things to change, women have only one choice: to take pills containing the right quantityà folic acid.

The daily dose effective minimum is 0.4 mg a day is recommended not to exceed 5mg/day. The prescription of dosages higher than 1mg per day should be made keeping in mind the problems linked to a lack of vitamin B12.

The dose of 0.4 mg per day può also be guaranteed taking one tablet of 5mg once a week. The choice of the product to advise must take into account the regular availability; local and of the cost. There are several products on the market that contain folic acid. To choose between these it is important to consider some elements:


  • è più easy to remember to take the folic acid if the amounts and categories required (0.4 mg) is contained in one compressed with respect to those preparations which oblige us to take more tablets per day to achieve the quantityà necessary;
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  • it is preferable that the folic acid is associated with other vitamins. Several studies seem to demonstrate that the effects of folic acid in preventing other malformations (for example, those of the heart) may be related to the presence of other vitamins.
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  • it is important that the product used is not contain vitamin A , which in high quantityà, può be dangerous in pregnancy;
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  • … finally, we use the product that, in parità of qualities, costs less.

it is important to remember that folic acid should be taken before pregnancy. If a woman has decided to have a child, or does not exclude to start a pregnancy, può in the wait to take the folic acid for six months. Forget to take the tablet for a time … does not cause anything: the benefits remain intact.

There are women who have to take an amount; the higher of folic acid?
If a woman :


  • has già had, in a previous pregnancy, a child with a neural tube defect
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  • do you suffer from diabetes mellitus
  • the

  • must take medicines for epilepsy (carbamazepine, phenytoin, phenobarbital, primidone)
  • the

  • takes trimethoprim (medication usually used for urinary tract infections)
  • the

  • has no relatives, living or deceased, who have had a neural tube defect

it is appropriate to assume a quantity; the greater of folic acid (4mg or 5mg) every day starting two weeks before the start of the pregnancy and throughout the first quarter. It is shown that under these conditions the intake of folic acid può reduce by 80% the risk of having a child with neural tube defect.

The decision to take this dosage of folic acid will haveà be taken by consulting with your doctor.

Small dictionary,
Antibodies molecules that appear in the blood after the body is come into contact with something that he recognized as a stranger
Embryo: the product of conception up to eight weeks of intra-uterine life
Screenshotsà: the transmission of some biological characters from parents to offspring, through the generations
Fetus: the product of conception from the beginning of the ninth week of intrauterine life at birth
Genetic: that concerns the origin, the formation, reproduction, and the screenshotsà biological
Microgram: a millionth of a gram



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