> Exercises in pregnancy: The butterfly and the Seiza position

The benefits
Position of yoga which prepares the pelvis to the opening required for the delivery, increasing the elasticityà of the joints of the hips and the pubis. Relaxes and tones the buttocks, the pelvic floor, the uterus and improves blood circulation. Helps to focus the attention on the child and our inner needs.

Sitting with your back straight, soles of the feet joined the più close as possible to the basin. Hands take toes crossed and sprung, gently the legs as if they were the wings of a butterfly.

When you loose the tension, inhale deeply, bringing the back and the head back and exhale and bend forward, trying to keep the thighs close to the floor.

Ideally, the head should reach the tips of the toes and of both elbows that knees should touch the floor.

Hold the position for a few breaths full and when you feel that is enough, exhale, return to starting position and release the legs, massaging the points that you have heard the più annoying.


the Benefits
This exercise will help usà to open the front of the body, with notable benefit for nausea heartburn hemorrhoids and then, in lactation to increase milk production

bend your Knees with your buttocks between your heels, knees slightly apart, toes towards the inside.

Feeling the breath in the abdomen, your back straight and lower back relaxed, try to go the più possible in next with the bust, if necessary with the help of the hands in support, and stop with the back stretched to the maximum when you stretch the muscles of the groin.

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Maintain the location of the più long as you can by relaxing, then breathing in lift and dissolve the position, massaggiandovi the ambe and the joints that you feel most annoyed.

If instead you feel that it is possible to do so, do not dissolve the position but in the sitting position, such as when you began the exercise, to the ungatevi to the back (fig. 4), divaricando as it serves the feet (not the knees), and sustaining you, first with hands, then with the elbows, relax the head back.

a Few breaths in this position and if you can stretch the back ground, otherwise, gently, one leg a time, go back and melt the position.

Figura 4

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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