> Exercises in pregnancy: rotation of the head and neck

To do this, follow the directions of Ornella Fantini (Midwife).


In a sitting position with his legs crossed, back straight position (fig. 1) shoulders and face relaxed, start to rotate lentamene the head at least 3 times for each direction, very slowly, exhaling when the head is back and eyes open (fig. 2).

the Mouth relaxed, the dental arches separate, then drop your head forward, cross your fingers and place them at the nape of the neck, simply letting them weigh you Keep a few seconds and then slowly exhale, release the hands and come back with the face forward.

figura 1

figura 2

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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