> Exercises in pregnancy: torsion of the lumbar and the frog


Stretched out on his back in a supine position, one foot on the knee contralateral, arms open to the outside relaxed, inhale and exhale and try to get to the ground with the knee, without lifting the contralateral shoulder.

Start in a dynamic way, by exhaling when you move and then when you are comfortable with the exercise, remain for a few sigh in the position.

Then, run to the other side. You will feel the first stretch and then gently relax the muscles of the back and side of the back.


Useful for the relaxation of the back, back pain and mental tension.


Legs apart, feet forward, the più possible, with your back straight and heels on the ground, to crouch down. Hands crossed in front of chest, elbows inside of knees, trying to divaricarle the più possible. Keep the location finchè è can, if you can from the sun, otherwise place initially on the wall, or, do the exercise in pairs, place to another person.


This position is very important in pregnancy becauseè dà the maximum opening of the basin and is the location of the più logic to give birth. Use it often during the day, preferring it to the chair or to the chair (maybe even with the aid of a low stool). ATTENTION. If there are varicose veins or hemorrhoids, in these cases, execute it with the aid of a support (stool or thick books).

Fig. 7


In the supine position (with the knees bent if the back dà nuisance, or in the left lateral decubitus or right. Arms along the body, surrender to the weight of the body to the pleasure of the heat produced by the movement, of rest after the fatigue, close your eyes and you simply remain in contact with the physical and mental with the breath and with your child, finchè you’ll be comfortable.

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Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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