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massage and exercises in pregnancy, how and when.

During pregnancy, massage é of great benefit not only when there are symptoms such as lombagie, sciatica, muscle cramps, pain in the bones and joints, but also in completely normal pregnancies in order to improve muscle tone, promote good oxygenation of the skin, stimulate the production of endorphins with beneficial effects on anxiety states.

The massage should be general, applied to the legs with light strokes, light pressure mild and gentle kneading all in the direction of the heart. Is particularly important the massage of the feet.  

On the abdominal wall, for obvious reasons, the massage " limited to gentle kneading movements and touch, excluding any kind of pressure. Are especially important for the side areas (the hips) and the lumbar area.

All women want to have after the pregnancy a abdomen flat and without stretch marks which often leave scars persistent. The skin relaxation is the mechanism triggering the formation of stretch marks which is essential to keep the skin elastic.

The elasticityà skin può be improved by systematically raising the subcutaneous tissue is taken between the thumb and forefinger of both hands.  

At this point, a hand grabs a fold of the skin pulling it gently without pressing, while the other hand performs the same operation on a neighboring area.

You continue così on all the skin of the abdomen. It starts from the lateral zones, where the skin adheres less to the muscle groups, and then proceeds slowly toward the center (around the navel) towards the upper zone (in the direction of the sternum) and the lower (near the pubis). 

it Is the task of the massage therapist is to teach the women these maneuvers, exhorting her to repeat them every night before falling asleep.

If the treatment is repeated systematically and the abdominal skin keeps healthy and elastic, because, by stimulating the blood circulation, it is difficult to appear the difference stretch marks. But, besides this, it is necessary to perform the gymnastic exercises acts to mobilize the abdominal wall. 

insisterà never enough on this point because it is the only massage , even if accompanied by miraculous products, not è absolutely sufficient.

When they appear tingling and clubs to the legs and in the legs, with cramps in the feet,and the calves, può be recommended the “massage of the connective tissue” to be carried out by masseurs experts in specialized venues. This method is also indicated in the tingling night to the hands and arms, pain in the intercostal, lumbar pain and sciatica.   

dry Brushing of hips

A simple and effective system to prevent and treat disorders clubs to the legs such as cramps, tingling, pain etc, is the “dry brushing” to do in the evening in the region of the hips.

For this brushing is advisable to use a brush with hairs of either nylon or rubber, with rounded, adhering a little to the skin, with small circular movements face, participate in this movement, the part under the skin.

Lying on the side, you make brushing for two to three minutes until the skin becomes red and develops in the legs, at the same time, a feeling of warmth. In this way, day after day will see the complete disappearance of the symptoms.

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The same maneuver can be performed with the brush of horsehair by the bathroom or the shower.

exercise pregnant

The woman in labor: an athlete to train. può nicely consider the pregnant woman as an athlete who will haveà face a challenging match to which the sarà necessary to present yourself in perfect psycho – physical.

To get a good general condition is, therefore, crucial to follow a workout program which as the Prof. C. Vittori è:  “The organization of physical exercise, which is repeated in the amount; and intensity; such as to produce efforts progressively increasing, which stimulate the physiological processes of adaptation and overcompensation of the body, to promote the increase of the capacity; physical and mental condition of the athlete in order to enhance and consolidate the performance of the race.” 

We can very well take this definition and apply the fundamental concepts and adapting them to the context in which we find ourselves. 

childbirth as a rugby match (permit me the comparison), provides, on the part of the protagonists in an intense physical effort, with great expenditure of energy, effort, concentration considerable, a large fatigue strength and a good bearing of pain; all components, which is putting a strain on our qualityà physical and mental condition, we should consider in the organization of the preparation program.

How to organize

Not all of the women è possible to attend a specific course in the gym of preparation for the delivery at a specialized center, public or private, for reasons of time, distance, transport, etc.

in Addition, these courses have every two or three months, while I personally think that the best procedure is to focus in the daily training, carving out a little personal space in the various daily tasks.

This means, for the woman, to find 15-20 minutes per day to devote to herself, to be able to perform the exercises.

Può be interesting and productive to involve the partner in this activityà, having him take on a role of partner or contributor (at the bottom of the husband who returns to work toà well a pò gymnastics!). In the morning, before breakfast, or in the evening, before dinner are ideal times. 

The space you need is easily identified in any dwelling, an area of 2m x 2m è più that sufficient, devoid of obstacles and well ventilated; a mat exercise which can easily be found even in department stores) or on a carpet, serve our purpose.

it is good practice to wear overalls, of cotton (brushed) or wool (breathable). After which" all that remains is to put a pò music and exercising a minimum of good willà.  


The exercises that we propose are extremely simple and their execution, also thanks to the figures, risulterà very easy.  è good to remember:


  • Not è never too late to start gymnastics; in fact, it has a good influence on muscle contractures and circulatory disorders and prepares the conditions for a good collaboration of the woman during the childbirth.
  • the

  • gymnastics can be made up to 9° in the same month, from 7° month è forò preferably from the position of sitting or lying so as not to weigh down on the abdominal wall and già from 4° month &it is best to avoid the supine position; some of the exercises you perform on the flank or in support of quadrupedico, especially if there are pins and needles and cramps in the lower limbs and lower back pain or severed sciatic.
  • the

  • gymnastics must be accompanied by good breathing and then REMEMBER TO BREATHE: breathe in (enter air in the lungs) from the nose and breathing out (releasing air from the lungs) from the mouth; NEVER PERFORM THE MOVEMENTS of APNEA (absence of breath).
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After each exercise rest as much as you think is necessary, giving you toò a minimum order. Check the timing with a watch in order to have regular breaks (e.g. every 10 movements in 1 minute of rest).

the number of repetitions of each exercise is subjective, it is up to you to establish it from the beginning, following the “signs of fatigue” the muscles you send; if you’re sedentary and don’t get discouraged if at the beginning you will do a few exercises with a lot of effort, the results, if the work will be carried out with commitment it will happen.   

Figure gymnastics

And now to work!  every year we make at least 3 SERIES. 

Each SERIES sarà composed of a number of REPETITIONS ( movements ), crescerà with the time. 

Between a SERIES and the other are part of the breaks of recovery duration of 1 / 2 minutes to perform in the position  of figures 1 and 2 of your choice.   


In support of dorsal on a vertical surface, adjust the legs semipiegate, flatten the lumbar area so as to adhere the back completely : to bring a hand to the nape of the neck and exert a pressure constant and regular so as to flex the head forward, exhale slowly, relax until complete emptying of the lungs, the minimum time is 10 seconds.     

standing, legs slightly apart and bent, exert pressure on the abdominal area with the hands and at the same time, contracting the buttocks, try to flatten the lumbar part of the back.  Exercise called the “wave-pelvic”.   

The cat.

From the position quadrupedica, angles of 90 degrees between the thigh – torso-arms, to exert a push toward the top of the back so as to accentuate the maximum of the curve of the ridge. Inhale and reverse the downward thrust , to accentuate the lumbar curve, but without force!   


In quadrupedia ( four-legged) momentum of the leg to out the top, 90 degrees between the thigh-leg.   


From a standing position, legs slightly apart and bent, exert a firm pressure with your hands on a soft ball placed on the chest so you have the arms with the elbows slightly below the shoulder line. 

The pressure will be constant for a specified time, e.g. 5 seconds.   


From a standing position place the ball between your knees, contracting the abdominal muscles and exert a firm pressure with the thighs to the inside.  The pressure will be constant for a certain time, eg 5 sec.   


the supine position, legs resting on the floor, angles of 80 degrees between your upper-thighs-legs , lift the cervical portion and the first part of the ridge of the back, hold the position breathing out at the bottom. < nbsp;  

we Conclude this brief review of the exercises with 2 positions, so-called “rest” that must be taken several times per day, especially if you è been long-standing.  These positions are used to relax the muscles of the pelvic that is; those muscles that are lying in the passage of the fetus through the birth canal.   

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Location quadrupedica on the knees and on the arms , hold it for at least 5 min.  quadrupedia lean arms are crossed on the ground and stretch further so as to align the torso, head, arms. Relax and exhale to the bottom by exerting a slight pushing back of the basin 

Location collection:  
In military operations between, with the back resting on the vertical surface, smooth, relax, in order to reach the maximum excursion towards the bottom, heels on the ground.   

the Same location but with a forward inclination of the torso, arms crossed, trying to reach the position più low as possible starting with the early years leaning against the wall.

it is recommended to run the più times during the day and keep it long especially if you are unable to take on this position staying lean completely on the whole of the sole of the feet with the knees slightly apart.   

To work out the period of expulsion, we propose the supine position, with the legs gathered, retained from the hands. In this position you have to learn to hold the breath for a few seconds (8/10) recovering and then breathe deeply for 2 minutes.

reduces the plan, the period of respiration of up to 30′ (30 seconds in the air, 10 seconds hold the breath, apnea, and 15 or 20 times).  Back to the ground, hold the back of the knees of the legs bent and wide apart. Exert a moderate but steady traction with simultaneous relaxation of the pelvic area.

If you see any of the following symptoms you should stop immediately the exercises and contact your physician.


  • Pain and contraction in uterine 
  • the

  • Loss of blood from the genitals 
  • the

  • Dizziness 
  • the

  • Breathlessness 
  • the

  • Palpitations 
  • the

  • fainting 
  • excessive Increase in pulse rate (above 120) 
  • the

  • Pain in the back or the bone of the pubis 
  • the

  • If you feel a sense of increase in body temperature and the thermometer measures in the più to 38°  


1° – 4° month: all positions  4° – 7° month: avoid the supine position  7° – 9° month: only in the position quadrupedica and/or side and/or seat  Post-partum: all positions

it Is appropriate to clarify that at the beginning the intervention of a professional of the movement would ensure the maximum efficacy and safety.

A good physical education teacher, monitoring the correct execution of the exercises, there willà to provide all the necessary information to work at home with reliable results.

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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