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it is important for every woman, even if not è the first pregnancy, attend a specific course of preparation for maternityà perchè you has the opportunity to meet other pregnant women who share the same experience , anxieties included, and then speak a language in which there is può to recognize.

The exchange of experiences between women, knowledge, and critical analysis of the methods and locations of delivery, they aim to foster the awareness and active management of the birth event.

in Addition, the field work, the techniques of breathing and massage will help to melt the body, becoming accustomed to the discomfort that comes from having held a position, teaching does not oppose the forces that act from the inside during labor and delivery, but rather, learning to know and to feel your body and working actively in the birth of your child.

Practice possibly every day, specific exercises, it will helpà the muscles and joints to melt and will benefit the internal organs, spine and breath. While the body meltà, the mind also rilasserà and you will perceive more deeply the inner harmony with your being and with your child.

in Addition, courses are regularly held information meetings on the relation mother – father – child, on care of the baby, nutrition, breastfeeding, labor, birth, etc, which are of great help to prepare for that great event which is the arrival of a baby in the house.

Può be interesting and productive to engage in these activities; the partners, both during the course and in the exercises which is good, as I said before, repeat daily at home.

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in The morning before breakfast or in the evening before dinner are ideal times. Space is easily identified in any dwelling, an area of 2 m. x 2 m. è più that is sufficient; this space must be free of obstacles and well ventilated, a mat, gymnastics (can also be found in department stores) or a carpet, complete the equipment necessary.

it is a good idea to wear a suit that’s comfortable in a natural fabric, no metals on me; relaxing music, the voice mail is inserted, and we can get started.


The exercises must be performed with the rhythm of the breathing. Do not hold your breath during the movement, but, rather, used the inspiration to prepare for movement and exhale during the muscle work.

The breath is always abdominal; breathing in, the abdomen fills up and the diaphragm down, massaging the internal organs. Exhaling, the abdominal muscles gently contract and the motion should not affect the chest if not at a later time.

If the supine position bother you and make you feel sore schienapotete use a pillow under the lower back or bend the knees placing his feet on the ground; if instead you feel your head spin, for the compression of the large vessels of the abdominal (più frequent in the last month of pregnancy , so start on the left side, arise ye all fours and then avoid taking positions from lying flat.

Let yourself be check regularly by the midwife during the pregnancy, so that you know exactly what your condition. Do the exercises that you can do it easily, not forced, and if in doubt ask advice from the midwife.


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