> The hygiene of pregnancy. What are the rules of hygiene observe.

Hygiene in pregnancy. During pregnancy is shown to follow specific rules of hygiene in order to maintain an optimal state of mental and physical health that enables us to face the gestation più easily and quietly.


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Bathroom and shower

it Is a good idea to run a bath or shower daily with water at a temperature between 30 – 35° C, avoid water that is too hot or too cold . 


The hair can be washed every time you want to, but you should avoid tinctures because of the toxic effect on the fetus, and the ability to trigger allergic contact dermatitis on the scalp. Instead, it is possible to make the permanent.  See pediculosis

Igiene orale

È essential to proper oral hygiene that includes brushing after every meal with toothpaste, possibly homeopathic (Homeodent, Fitostomigen) or saline (Weleda) and a mouthwash in the evening before bedtime (Medident 15 drops in a glass of water).

pregnancy is not a contraindication to dental care né nor to the running of a local anesthesia, if necessary.  Useful &is; integrate the food intake of fluoride to protect the teeth of the unborn child (Oligoel n°4, thirty drops two times per day in a little mineral water: keep in the mouth a few seconds before swallowing).


The clothing should be simple and does not cause constraints; the linen must be of natural material (cotton, linen), and must allow perspiration; the bra should support the breast, but should not collapse; the shoes must be comfortable, of good leather, with the leather sole to allow for breathability. Avoid the use of high heels, but give preference to shoes with large plant medium heel.


To avoid the increase in extension and intensity; of the patches discromiche (dark spots on the face, chloasma) best to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays.


To prevent the stretch marks gravidiche (stretch marks) on the abdomen, on the thighs and on the breasts, it is recommended that you perform a daily massage with egg yolk, olive oil or special cosmetic creams (AR Esilen emulsion and/or Natur 4 body).


smoking is contraindicated in pregnancy (but not only in pregnancy) for the negative consequences on the product of conception, such as: placental insufficiency, low birth weight of the fetus at birth, etc

For smokers, the unrepentant is recommended that a gradual reduction rather than a suspension drastic to avoid psychological repercussions unwanted and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms (restlessness, instabilityà of mood, tremors, insomnia, etc)

help può be acupuncture (auriculotherapy). To increase the capacity of the organism to the drug is recommended to take Metatox 30 drops più times on the dì and Melatonin 4CH 20 drops twice a dì. In moments of weakness &is useful for the intake of Guaranà two tablets to the dì. 

Bevande alcooliche

No wine or beer. however, keep in mind that a glass of beer (250 cc) contains 150 calories and a glass of wine (150 cc), about 90 calories.  avoid alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, bitters, brandy, cognac, whisky etc.) to the toxic effects on the liver of the mother, on the nervous system of the child, and to the high calorie content.

A study conducted by theIstituto Superiore di Sanità indicates that in order to have a safe pregnancy alcohol should be banned for nine months.

Droghe e farmaci

it Is absolutely prohibited the use of any drugs or the psychotropic drug, sedative or exciting, such as: hashish, marijuana, opium, morphine, heroin, crack, cocaine, amphetamines, L. S. D., ecstasis to the adverse effects on the pregnancy and on the product of conception (miscarriage, preterm delivery, low weight of the fetus at birth, placental insufficiency, congenital malformations).

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In case of actual needà of intake of psychotropic drugs for therapeutic purposes is obligatory to consult with your doctor.


it Is advisable to stay in the open air two or three hours per day, especially for housewives and women who work in the office.  The practice of sport is not; contraindicated purché does not lead to physical fatigue. You should avoid violent sports and trauma that involve muscular strain excessive.

swimming and walking are the activitiesà più suitable; to the sea, go for long walks on the shore with the water up to the basin for the beneficial effect it has on blood circulation, especially venous, of the legs.

In the mountains to avoid rapid ascents to high altitudes because of the danger of “mountain sickness”, but limited to long walks in the woods of the valley floor (ideal altitude 600/800 m.)  È necessary to switch from the activity; physical rest periods (e.g. two hours of afternoon rest on the bed).

Ideal to follow a course of gymnastics, preparatory to the delivery, together with a course psicoprofilattico. Also read about Exercise in pregnancy, what are the suggestions


there are No particular contraindications to travel except to prevent boys and physical situations uncomfortable.

When and how to travel

it is better to travel between the 14th and the 38^ week. In this period, the physique is addicted to the new physiological condition, and the uterus is not &is of such a size as to make uncomfortable movements. During the trip are valid, however, some practical advice:

  • the duration of The trip should not be too long 
  • the

  • Choose the maximum possible comfort 
  • the

  • Before embarking on the journey to perform a check-up from your doctor 
  • the

  • If the stay in the place chosen is long, look for a local physician where to perform the routine checks 
  • the

  • always Carry sè a copy of its portfolio of pregnancy with all the tests and checks performed, as well asé your health insurance card 
  • the

  • Avoid places with health care non-existent or inadequate 
  • the

  • During the trip, remember you walk a lot and avoid standing for too long sitting or standing) 
  • the

  • always Choose clothes that are comfortable 
  • the

  • to Have the following foods for quick snacks 

With the means to travel

All two-wheeled vehicles (motorcycles, cycles, motorcycles, etc.) should be avoided because of the high incidence of trauma related to their use. To the maximum are allowed, walks, bike rides only on bike paths. 

Quattro ruote

it is advisable to perform small trips (a maximum of 5-6 hours of driving), and numerous stops for refreshment. It is good to avoid travelling in the heat or the excessive cold, preferring in summer the morning and evening hours and winter the center hours-sundials.  

With the entry into use of the airbag, it is recommended that you always fasten the seat belts.

Remember that the fetus is protected by an abundant “water cushion” during the trauma of the seat belt does not create major problems, vice versa protects the mother from impact against the dashboard.

Between the bus and the train, it is better to choose the train: the modern freight cars are provided with good sanitation, it is possible to stroll freely and have snacks at the dining car. 


Many airlines allow you to travel beyond the 36th week. Don’t be afraid of the “metal detector”: it does not create any problem to the fetus. As for comfort, it is good to choose a place near to the toilet, possibly the seats between the first and the second class, or near the emergency exit as it is possible to stretch your legs.

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If the plane is not particularly full, it is advisable to present to the staff the state gravidarum: it is easy to get a good place and special attention. Plane is easy to become dehydrated, which is a duty to remember to drink plenty of water and a variety of snacks, light food. 


If not è never traveled to a ship is good to avoid it during pregnancy, as most pregnant women suffer from sea sickness. If the trip is urgent is good to know that nausea and vomiting as unpleasant, do not cause any harm to the fetus.

However è a good idea to have medication for seasickness, possibly homeopathic: anti-aging – jet, 3 granules morning and evening, and Melatonin 4CH, 10 drops seven to eight times during the journey.  the Profits are also wristbands called “Sea bands” that hold the wrists by stimulating a particular acupuncture point (P6) antivomit.

Travel abroad

intestinal Infections

For the western countries apply the rules set out above. In the tropics, the danger più frequent è represented by the intestinal infection resulting in diarrhea. We provide below some rules to be followed to the letter to prevent intestinal infections: 


  • Drink water only in the bottle, tea, or broth; keep in mind that the chlorine alone is not sufficient to preclude the pollution of the water 
  • the

  • never use ice to cool the drinks) 
  • the

  • Avoid fresh fruit, vegetables, ice-creams and sweets, and cream 
  • the

  • può eat cooked vegetables that can be peeled (potatoes, zucchini) and packed ice creams 
  • the

  • do Not eat raw or undercooked meat 
  • the

  • Drink only packed milk UHT long-life 
  • the

  • Before starting to increase the intestinal flora and fermentation by the intake of lactobacilli, for example Symbiolact, two sachets per dì to begin 15 days before departure and continue during stay,  If you get diarrhoea it is important to drink a lot of water and immediately contact a health care professional. As a homeopathic therapy is recommended Veratrum Homaccord, 10 drops every 2 hours and Tormentilla Heel, 1 cp every 2 hours until improvement. 


the Other pathology to be feared in the tropics is malaria. The only rule is a good prevention. We give below some practical tips:


  • wear the clear covering ankles and wrists, 
  • the

  • does not stay in the open air, in the hours of sunset 
  • use repellents in lotion or spray (Aroma di Guna n°2 spray, to be sprayed on the skin every 5-6 hours; it is advisable to spray also pillows, blankets, mosquito nets, and the walls of the room)   

it is well to remember that the only preventative medication of relatively low toxicity, is chloroquine, which should be started prior to travel and should be continued for two weeks after the return; however, this medication is not without side effects and is less effective on many of the plasmodia of malaria in many tropical regions.

For the above, such geographic areas must be carefully avoided, and anyway it would be better during pregnant do not go to malarial areas.

time zone Change

The change of several time zones (jet-lag) può create numerous symptoms such as: fatigue, somnolence, asthenia, loss of appetite, sense of general malaise, dizziness, constipation.

If the stay is short &it is best to try to maintain your sleep-wake rhythms related to their country of origin (don’t worry if you live by night and sleep by day).

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however, If the stay is long, it is better to get used gradually to the rhythm of sleep sleep dictated by the setting and by the birth of the sun. Great way to help you can; get by homeopathic medicine (Melatonin 4CH, 10 drops morning and evening, Anti-jet, 3 grains s.l. 3 times to the dì away from meals and/or Cocculus Homaccord, 10 drops three times per dì).

Vaccinations in pregnancy

pregnant può happen to having to take certain medications to prevent diseases such as malaria or be forced to practice some vaccinations. In this regard, it seems useful to provide some simple information about the use of vaccines.

Are contraindicated vaccines against polio and the yellow fever , except in the case that had forced them to be come in contact with patients suffering from these diseases. Likewise &it is best to postpone the use of vaccines against typhoid, measles, rubella.

instead You can practice in pregnancy vaccines against hepatitis B and tetanus.

All the drugs used to prevent the infection of malaria (paludrina, resochina etc) are contraindicated in pregnancy and during breast-feeding.  with regard To the patients allergic the treatment with the vaccine, desensitizing it is recommended that, on prudential grounds (because there are no cases proven to harm the actual or potential fetus) to suspend the treatment with allergen extracts during the whole period of gestation.

The symptoms can be addressed through use of controlled drugs specific.


In pregnancy è d the obligation to avoid excessive physical and mental fatigue, or the excessive emotional tension; likewise, it is best to avoid violent efforts and the lifting of weights.

In the house the following applies to alternate with the chores periods of rest, maybe listening to good music. 

Remember, especially in offices frequented by smokers, to aerate often, the night and raise your legs above your desk if you è forced to stand for long sessions. 

to Stay long in feet is harmful and should be avoided (traders, craftsmen, etc.)

In the factories, it is necessary to avoid exposure to toxic agents, especially in the first three months; the substances more harmful are: lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium, arsenic-based detergents hexachlorophene, dioxin, solvents (xylene) and other compounds used in the manufacture of plastics, resins and rubbers.  In these cases it is a good idea to run a Mineralogramma.

Avoid altresì to be in environments polluted by gas or dust (fumes, anesthetics, carbon monoxide), in an environment that is too hot, too cold, or too noisy.  For those working in some medical fields, avoid exposure to radiation and to the gas.

The women working in direct contact with children (teachers, pediatric nurses), for their part, are più subject to the contagion of infectious diseases (rubella, cytomegalovirus), and must then, with the help of the physician, adopt specific rules on the hygienic and prophylactic.

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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