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The small glitches in pregnancy. Useful information, prevention and care. 

The pregnancy, although a physiological event, può be complicated by a series of small problems that may embarrass the woman by interfering with her life and relationship. we List below these disorders, providing useful information to prevent them and heal them.


  • heartburn
  • the

  • Ptialismo
  • the

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • the

  • vaginal discharge
  • the

  • back Pain
  • the

  • muscle Cramps
  • the

  • Constipation
  • the

  • Varicose veins and hemorrhoids
  • the

  • Swelling of the ankles
  • the

  • Fatigue and drowsiness
  • the

  • Insomnia
  • the

  • doubts and Fears
  • Fake pain

Bruciori di stomaco (plate space gastrica) 

sometimes lying down or bending over, it shows an annoying burning sensation felt in the mouth of the stomach or behind the breastbone and is due to the fact that a pò the stomach contents refluisce in the esophagus.  in pregnancy, due to a slight atony of the wall or to the compression of the uterus on the stomach, you may have difficultyà to digest certain foods or stretching of the time the digester.


Avoid food that produces gas and expands like rice, pasta, dairy products and sugars. the Decrease red meat, eat little chewing well. 

Split meals during the day, avoid lying down immediately after eating; use of antacid medications free of sodium and aluminum.

The therapy omotossicologica può be of excellent aid:  Nux Vomica (Heel) 1 cp 3 times to the dì and/or Nux Vomica Homaccord 10 drops three times in the dì active stomach and/or Anti Age Stress 3 granules morning and evening s.l. for the control action on the vegetative nervous system. If it is associated with bloating Tormentilla (Heel) 1 cp three times in the dì. In the evening before falling asleep, it is advisable Burrito Tea Gunas.

the Excessive saliva production (ptialismo)

An increase of saliva production and a certain degree of difficultyà to swallow the holy eucharist, are a phenomenon that is often present in the first three months of pregnancy.


Use a mouthwash homeopathic type Medident Mouthwash 15 drops in a glass of water, for its anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and antihaemorrhagic and/or Desy spray, 1 spray twice a dì if you suffer from excessive sensitivityà the teeth.

Nausea e vomito

the nausea and the vomiting, or the simple urge of vomiting often in the morning, without emission of digested food., are typical disorders in the first three months, affecting 60% of women, with different intensityà.  Are disorders of annoying but no concern, and do not affect usually on the general health, unless the woman stops to feed and drink, resulting in malnutrition and dehydration. 


In the event that the woman’s attention to reduce the intake of food and water, è good to consult a doctor immediately.

If the disorder is mild apply a few tips: leave the più possible in a family atmosphere, go for long walks in the open air, to divide your meals into many small snacks rich in salty foods and dried or otherwise acceptable to pregnant women, to avoid annoying odors such as smoke and the stale air of closed rooms.

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the Increased vaginal secretion (leucorrhea) 

Some times this phenomenon, the physiological, can; be intensityà, this cause considerable annoyance and discomfort to the woman.

what to do:

If this disorder were to bind , itchy, bad odor and redness of the genitals external, è need to refer the doctor, as in pregnancy are frequent bacterial infections, fungal (Monilia), or protozoa (Trichomonas). 

We recommend frequent washing external
with natural products to acid pH, preferably oily and non-allergic (Nativoil) and the use of sanitary napkins and external anti-allergic-to-change often. Useful può be protect the surface of the vulva with products based on calendula (Calendula Heel ointment), or Tea Tree Oil (Genital cream) or with a basis of Zinc oxide (Trofo 5, Penaten). the Useless, are the lavender interior which can aggravate the symptom.

back Pain (lumbosacral pain), and to the bones of the chest (intercostal)

During the whole of pregnancy can; happen to warn you of the pain along the spine, or at any particular point. During the recent months, then, the growth of the belly forcing the woman to assume a particular attitude to the position, by moving the bust to the back and the pelvis forward (also see: back pain in pregnancy remedies). 

These positions cause the ongoing contraction of some of the muscles, paravertebral, soreness or real pain located at the height of the loins or kidneys.  Sometimes you canò be sure to check a real lumbago which forces the woman to bed; the pain can be felt in the thigh, the leg and to the foot (sciatica). 

Omotossicologicamente you può intervene with Colocynthis Homaccord 10 drops at 8 and 16, in acute cases every 5 minutes.  Può also occur some pain intercostal felt a sharp very painful between the coasts, of very short duration that blocks the breath.  In these cases it is useful to administer the Ranunculus Homaccord 10 drops 10 and 18. Both drugs mentioned above may be associated with Cimicifuga Homaccord 10 drops for three times / s.l. 

Frequently is a pain above the pubic bone
under the belly, due to the slight diastasis of the symphysis pubis. This disorder can be controlled with Synphitum Injeel Forte ampules, pour 1 or 2 vials in a glass of water and drink it during the day.   

Other useful tips can be:

try to Avoid being long-standing, or rest in the lying position possibly on a side and with a board under the mattress.

you can Use ointments anti-inflammatory, with mild massage of the painful areas (Arnica-Heel).

During the sitting, keep your back erect, give preference to the backs of the drives and put a pillow behind the loins.

Avoid the beds and the sofas too soft where you sink in it.

Attend a gymnastics class childbirth preparation (see also exercises in pregnancy).

Sometimes it is necessary to a corset, elastic, especially if it is forced to stand up for long periods.  If the pains are very strong, it is best to consult your doctor.

Crampi muscolari

During the last weeks of gestation, può happen to experience muscle cramps in the legs, and the legs (calves) species during sleep. These can be related to disorders of the venous circulation, or, especially in the hot seasons, to excessive sweating, deficiency of some minerals and in particular potassium and magnesium. 


Massage and heat the painful part, stimulate the circulation using the help of an ointment (Arnica-Heel). Take foods rich in potassium and magnesium (bananas, legumes, potatoes) or supplement the diet with salts (Trocà, Magnosol, Mag2) or use homeopathic products based on magnesium and potassium (respectively Oligoel n°8 and Oligoel n° 14.

For the BRUSHING OF the SIDES go to the specific page. If the cramps are too frequent and painful it is best to consult your doctor.


The pregnancy tends to complicate the constipation, especially if it is in the women prepared, for the physiological slowing of peristalsis in the intestine and subsequent reabsorption of the liquid. 

what to do:

Enjoy a diet rich slag, (fruit, vegetables, bran) to use laxatives mechanical i.e.; fiber-rich vegeatali or mucilage (Inuvital 1 sachet dissolved in a glass of water and take during the meal). 

Avoid the laxatives irritating, oily or salty. If you issue the stools putrid or foul-smelling, è good to correct the intestinal flora in the sense of a fermentation with Symbio Lact Comp 2 sachets dì to be dissolved in a glass of water at meals, for 4 weeks.  (see also exercises in pregnancy)

Varici ed emorroidi

The pregnancy favors the appearance of varicose veins in the lower limbs and enhances the volume of those present. The uterus, in fact, growing up is pressing on the large veins of the abdomen and prevents the reflux of the blood.  the veins of the hemorrhoidal plexus is hampers and give frequently rise to ectasia, varicose often painful and bleeding (hemorrhoids).  See also: varicose Veins: symptoms, remedies and prevention


Avoid to stay long-term at a halt, walk or stand too much sitting; walking two or three hours per day; use comfortable shoes with medium heel, avoiding the boots tight to the calf.

Rest for a long time with the legs elevated (pillow under the feet or the mattress; the legs on the desk) use elastic stockings as required. The medicine omotossicologica comes to our aid with excellent products (Hamamelis Homaccord 10 drops 10 and 16 and/or Aesculus compositum 10 drops at 12: 20. If the component lymphatic is predominant: Lynphomyosot 10 drops for three to the dì. Excellent policresto homeopathic Anti Age Ven 3 grams in the morning and evening.

prevent the formation of venous insufficiency and, in order to avoid the unpleasant complications it caused, for the duration of pregnancy is useful to take preparations based on oligomers procianidolici (OPC) belong to the class of bioflavonoids (Ophiven 1 cp for two times, the dì).  For hemorrhoids using prepared local with substances vasocostrittrici, antiifiammatorie and decongestants (Hamamelis Heel ointment). 

Eat a lot of leafy green vegetables and limit spices and alcohol.

Swelling of the ankles

A modest swelling of the ankles (due to problems of venous circulation) is normal in the last months of pregnancy if it appears in the evening. However, after a night’s rest should disappear. 

If this swelling were to persist throughout the day, or if it manifests the also in other locations such as the hands (do not enter the rings), eyelids (swollen face), is obligatory to consult with your doctor.


Apply the same tips to varicose veins and those dietary (restriction of the intake of salt) provided in the other pages of the site. Massage to the feet and massage with the glove while in the shower. (see also exercises in pregnancy). To deepen see: swollen Ankles and feet in pregnancy: causes and remedies

Fatigue – sleepiness

Già from the first months può happen to feel more tired and fatigued than usual: this disorder is normal. There is therefore no need to worry if you are not with the same ease that you did before.  Also drowsiness during the day può be a frequent event. 


The key to wellness is in knowing balance correctly the phase of thecommitment with the rest. Rest is not necessarily sleep, but also to be able to dedicate moments to if you stretched it out: and the child.

Use in the diet of the soy-red which improves metabolism.  to Carry out a life of quiet and regular rest two hours in the afternoon. Useful può be taking Melatonin 4Ch 10 drops in the evening or Vivek Heel 1 cp three times in the dì or Anti-Age Jet 3 granules morning and evening.


Is a frequent event in pregnancy that you canò accompany during breastfeeding. 


quiet life and adjust: split the power supply in the meals light, easy to digest, especially in the evening; in the evening prefer foods that contain calcium and minerals. 

Walk and not much to worry about if the rhythm of the sleep is altered, and maybe you sleep at day to stay the alarms of the night. 

In this case you can play at night, the normal occupations, domestic species, and anyway it is advisable not to stay in bed to think and look at the ceiling.  Massage of the feet in the evening, with particular attention to the toe. 

best avoid to involve husband and family members: to be tired in two of the day does not make serena the family life. The medicine omotossicologica comes to our aid with Melatonin 4CH 10 drops in the evening to take along with the herbal tea Blend Ake Guna. (see also exercises in pregnancy)

Paure e timori

The pregnancy is obvious, può create some restlessness; anxiety and worry to the event are frequent in every family, even in those with più children. 

If the patient is first child , and exhibits one or more or several of the following symptoms: – easy suggestionabilità, variable mood, fear of loneliness, desire for companionship on the part of the mother and of the husband, fear of people, the exclusive interest only to those few people who fill us with encouragement and attention, care and pampering, easyà at the cry – può find benefit from Pulsatilla Injeel S vials, dissolve 2 vials in a glass of water and drink it during the day. 

If the woman è terrified from childbirth – “doctor, I dieò during the birth” – Aconitum Injeel S vials, dissolve 2 vials in a glass of water and drink it during the day.  If, instead, the terror is a fear storm, and a recurrent deep anxiety accompanied by restlessness, asthenia, deep, freddolosità, adynamia, physical we recommend Arsenicum Album Injeel S, dissolve 2 vials in a glass of water and drink it during the day. 

are Valid, however, some practical advice: attend birth preparation courses, and associate with other women with the same problems, especially if expert.  always Keep in mind that what you do not know is always più afraid of what you know. 

Keep the “donnette terrorist” who always speak of trouble and diseases.

I “falsi” dolori

During the last weeks, the women and the doctor can be alarmed by uterine contractions that seem to start the travail of childbirth, but then vanish spontaneously: are the fake pain.

In these cases, può be useful to give Caulophyllum Injeel ampoules, dissolve 1 or 2 vials in a glass of water and feed during the day from 38 weeks. This medication is specific for the fake pain that will vanish, but it also allows those true labor come at the appropriate time.

The remedy is sovereign to make the neck of the uterus soft and easy expansion.

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.

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