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The majority of children born in good health . But when you’re expecting a child, every couple ends up to ask the question «Andrà all right? Sarà healthy? Not avrà problems?»

we know that some children, unfortunately, are born with defects or malformations.

Very often these defects are produced before the birth: these defects are called the congenital. Something, during pregnancy, has harmed the child or prevented from developing in a complete way.

When something does not work, does not mean that it is fault to of the mother : the causes of birth defects can be many and unexpected.

Some, forò, you can predict and prevent. For this, there are some simple preventive measures are necessary: every mom, today, has the ability to do a lot to decrease the risk of having a child with birth defects.

The health of the mother has any effect on the health of the child?

The child that is forming in the womb has già inherited something from papà and from the mother, the one that defines the genetic heritage: some characteristics of pass from the parents to the child, and determine a part of the physical appearance (color of eyes and hair, talking about the features più obvious) and also, in part, the future health of the child.

in fact, There are diseases (genetic fact) that are passed on to children from parents (for more, read the più forward”, and if the doctor discovers a genetic disease?“).

Throughout the development of the baby during the pregnancy è forò influenced by another important aspect: the environmental. L’environment in which the baby develops is his mother, the body of his mother.

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For this reason, the state of health of the mother, her diet, her habits of life and the environment in which they live are extremely important for the health of the child.

To help the future parents to realize the desire of having a healthy child is not; possible, for now, a change in their genetic constitution.

in The component environmental, however, we can do a lot. In fact, it is possible to improve the health of the future mother so that her child has the maximum probability; to develop well and to arrive in good condition at birth.

&Quot; this is the main purpose of the advice preconcezionale.

don’t just sit attentive to his own health during the pregnancy? Becauseé have to worry about it BEFORE? When you feel ready to have a child it is essential that the component of the environment – mom – to- be in the best condition possible.

Almost all of the women now, when they realize that they are expecting a baby, they begin to take precautions and to cure più their health.

it Must be forò keep in mind that the organs of the baby are formed in the first ten weeks of pregnancy, in the period called the embryo.

For example, the heart begins to beat at the beginning of the sixth week. The nervous system central completes its first phase of development at the beginning of the seventh week. the

Legs and arms are fully developed at the end of the ninth week.

Within ten weeks the body of the baby you è già fully formed and begins the period fetal: the bodies that were formed in the previous weeks developing and perfecting their operation.

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più or less at this point that the mother discovers she is pregnant: in general, between the sixth and eighth week, sometimes even moreù later.

At that point, the embryo has già made a good part of his development path. Especially, the organs that may be affected by the malformation are già the formats and it is late to avoid that you result in damage or defects.

This does not mean that it is too late to take care of the health of the mother and to improve her habits of life.

Means toò that every woman that is in the ability to initiate a pregnancy can, think of to prepare for her child a suitable environment, in già before the pregnancy begins.

Today, è, in fact, possible to take preventive measures during the period preconcezionale – the one prior to conception – increasing così the possibilityà that the child find a supportive environment since the beginning of the pregnancy.

Small dictionary

Antibodies molecules that appear in the blood after the body is come into contact with something that he recognized as a stranger

Embryo: the product of conception up to eight weeks of intrauterine life

Screenshotsà: the transmission of some biological characters from parents to offspring, through the generations

Fetus: the product of conception from the beginning of the ninth week of intrauterine life at birth

Genetic: that concerns the origin, the formation, reproduction, and the screenshotsà of biological

Microgram: a millionth of a gram

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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