> Prepare for pregnancy: When, how, who to ask for advice

Every time that is possible, advice should be given to the pair of parents-to-be, becauseé the health of the father and of his family of origin are crucial for the health of the future child.

The advice is initially in an interview and a check of the state of health of the couple , for the purpose of:


  • identify the possible presence of hereditary diseases in the families of the future parents;
  • the

  • to identify other possible problems linked to a hypothetical pregnancy;
  • the

  • decide the laboratory tests required;
  • the

  • provide the couple with all the information and advice needed in view of a pregnancy.

The final objective is to improve the health of the expectant mother to decrease the risk that the child will be born with developmental defects or malformations.

At the end of the interview, the doctor can; and to propose a general visit to both the future parents and the making of some blood tests.

The mom-to-be sarà also recommended a gynecological examination.

In the case that there have been earlier miscarriages or parties that occurred prior to term, the doctor deciderà whether to require other tests to investigate the causes of usò that è a success and limit the risk of recurrence.

Small dictionary

Antibodies molecules that appear in the blood after the body is come into contact with something that he recognized as a stranger

Embryo: the product of conception up to eight weeks of intrauterine life

Screenshotsà: the transmission of some biological characters from parents to offspring, through the generations

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Fetus: the product of conception from the beginning of the ninth week of intrauterine life at birth

Genetic: that concerns the origin, the formation, reproduction, and the screenshotsà of biological

Microgram: a millionth of a gram

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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