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The stretch marks ( ‘striae distensae’ ) are alterations atrophic that occur on the skin, due to breakage of the elastic fibers of the dermis. Often appear on the abdomen, chest, arms, buttocks and thighs. This is a phenomenon rather common in the pregnant women, especially during the second halfà of the period of gestation. The treatments can improve the situation but not solve it completely


Not all stretch marks look alike, in fact they can have different characteristics both in terms of colour and shape and size. Their appearance può depend on how much time is past from their appearance, from the possible causes, from the area of the body, which are formed, and by skin type.


  • May have originally been a color pink, red or purple streaks and jagged, with time, take on a color , bright white or gray.
  • the

  • Also the dimensions vary. The length of può reach to several centimeters, while the width può range from 1 to 11 mm. Can be also affected large areas of the body.
  • The form, usually linear, può hiring profiles are jagged and irregular.


The stretch marks, which seem to be caused by a stretching of the skin, they appear more pronounced when associated to an increase of cortisone, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, which has the characteristic of weakening the elastic fibers of the skin.

The causes of stretch marks can be different, including:


  • the During pregnancy is quite frequent that the women develop stretch marks. To play a role, probably, are the stretching of the skin along with hormonal factors.
  • The use of drugs. Corticosteroids in cream, lotions and pills, in addition to the prolonged intake of oral steroids.
  • the

  • weight gain.
  • the

  • Lifting weights. Those who practice sports such as weightlifting può to develop stretch marks, particularly on the arms.
  • the

  • health Conditions. Cushing’s syndrome and diseases of the adrenal gland can cause stretch marks spread, così as the Marfan syndrome, Ehlers-danlos syndrome and other hereditary diseases.
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risk Factors

stretch marks can develop in any person, however, some factors can raise the risk, including:


  • Have a family history of stretch marks
  • the

  • female,
  • the

  • the pregnancy, especially for women più young people
  • Overweight and obesityà
  • the

  • Take and lose weight in a short time, as occurs in pregnancy. But also gain weight, and lose weight quickly (the accordion effect)
  • the

  • taking corticosteroid drugs


generally is; simply an examination of the skin to make a diagnosis. In addition to the history, the doctor will informerà if you have particular symptoms or take drugs. Not è except that, in the case of a suspected increase of cortisol production, the doctor will recommend other tests.

Treatments against stretch marks

stretch marks are an aesthetic problem, are harmless and may be less marked in time. In general, not c’è no needà of medical care. To try to improve the situation are available for some treatments, however, before spending money, it is good to know that at the time the results you can get are only partial.

Between treatments, the più known that follow, none has been shown to have greater efficacy than others.


  • the Microdermabrasion. Removes the delicate superficial layer of the skin by stimulating the growth of new epidermis more elastic. Uses a portable device that ‘blows’ on the skin of the crystals with the purpose to eliminate precisely the surface. Subsequently, the crystals are removed together with the cells of the skin. This type of treatment è più suitable for stretch marks of old date.
  • the

  • the laser therapy. Are treatments that stimulate the growth of collagen, elastin and melanin production. The type of laser technology that you use depends on età, the type of stretch marks and skin colour.
  • the

  • the Tretinoin cream. Some studies have shown that the cream tretinoin può improve the appearance of stretch più recent, those extras for less than two months and that they still have a pink or red color. The treatment has no effect on old stretch marks however, when and if it works, the reconstruction of the collagen può make the stretch marks più similar to the skin. the women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult your doctor about the possibilityà to delay therapy retinoid or choose an alternative treatment.
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The doctor può referral to a treatment more appropriate. Among the factors to consider are the age of the stretch marks, the duration and frequency of the different types of solutions, and finally the cost. In regard to the latter, the decision depends on the personal expectations, bearing in mind that most treatments, at best, are only partially effective

Remedies and alternative medicine

In the market there are ointments, creams, and other products that claim to treat or prevent stretch marks. These are remedies that contain vitamin E, cocoa butter or glycolic acid. Their effectiveness is ensured, can forò to lighten the wallet, however they are not harmful for health. In summary, the stretch marks tend to subside and become less visible with the passage of time without the needà of treatments or specific therapies.

alternative Medicine

There are many remedies used to treat stretch marks, among these, olive oil is the extract of the plant centella asiatica, or a combination of herbs, vitamins and fruit acids. There is no evidence on the effectiveness of these products.

A pregnant woman should always consult your doctor before using alternative products.


there are No systems on the effectiveness safe for the prevention of stretch marks. Even if they are used with regularityà creams, oils or lotions, however, can appear on the skin.

The better prevention lies in keeping a ideal weight, eat a balanced, drink, no smoking, do regular exercise. For the woman incites is important to avoid excessive weight gain so, not only does it reduce the risk of stretch marks, but also to ensure a good progress of the pregnancy.

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